Warehouse 13: Elements

Fellow Sci Fi Chick Sandy has been disappointed with Warehouse 13.  She was hanging on until Joe Flanigan guest starred, but now she’s done with it.

I admit, Warehouse 13 is not on my “must see tv” list, and I don’t stay up to watch it on Tuesday nights.  But it is a pleasant enough entertainment filler for Wednesday evenings.  As a testament to this week’s episode, I missed a few key elements (pun intended) and am actually planning to rewatch it.

It was nice to see guest stars I recognized (even though I never watched Stargate Atlantis).  I found the plot fairly interesting, but I’ve always been interested in American Indian artifacts and art.  I liked that Artie was wrong about Jeff Weaver.  He really was a philanthropist trying to atone for his con-man father’s sins.  I liked Claudia being able to challenge Artie.  Let the battle of brains begin.  And I loved Leena’s homespun mystical psychology.  I look forward to more of these.

I’m ok with the characters not being particularly well defined right now.  It gives them something to build on.  Of course, to become interested in the characters, you have to have good actors.  While the actors on this show may not be award-worthy, they haven’t bothered me yet.  (Except for a prolonged shot of the inside of Joanne Kelly’s heavily collegenated upper lip.)  So I’m still in the game.

But where is the ferret from the series’ premiere?  I want the ferret!


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