True Blood: Timebomb

Let’s start with an open letter to Alan Ball.

Dear Mr. Ball,

WHO THE FUCK DOES THE MAKEUP FOR THIS SHOW??!?  You need to fire them immediately!

Bill’s face is so pasty white, it looks he was hit by a sack of flour.  Tone it down, please!  Eric’s makeup isn’t quite as so white and powdery, but it stops 1/2 inch from his hairline!

It’s not like the show is starved for cash.  Surely you can spring for enough makeup to cover the entire face; not to mention a makeup artist who actually knows how to apply it.  Sheesh.

Bitingly yours,

This Maryann shit has got to end already!  I haven’t read the Southern Vampire series books.  Does this crap go on for much longer?

Other than that, there was much to love.

1.  Godric.   I’ve “heard” (i.e., “read” on the internet) that Godric has done some horrific things.  Perhaps that was earlier in his vampire days.  The television Godric seems to have evolved quite nicely.

My favorite line of the night may be “I’m here, my child.”  The Eric/Godric fanfic is already rampant across the internet.  Who can resist the pairing of 6’4″ Alexander Skarsgård as a child of 5’6″ Allan Hyde?

2.  Jason.  This is a first for me.  Not a first for this season, but a first, period.  The only thing I liked about him last year was his self-admitted stupidity. Didn’t like all the nudity.  (I’m not a prude, but seriously, enough is enough!).  Plus, he always seemed to be sweaty.  But mostly I hated asshole Amy.   (Although he does get credit for his burgeoning relationship with Eddie.  Before asshole Amy killed him.)

Jason’s outrage at all the Sookie-bashing was wonderful.  He opened his eyes and grew a brain.  (Well, a Jason-sized brain, which allowed him to think for himself.)   And he was bad-ass while doing it.   And he hugged Bill.  Aw.


3 responses to “True Blood: Timebomb

  1. If you ever get a chance, read the series — I read them after I started to watch True Blood, so I got an interesting contrast. I don’t know how much longer AlanBall’s going to be using Michelle Forbes (Maryann), but in the books it wasn’t that long.

    The makeup I have to agree about. Not easy to make it consistent, I’m guessing.

    • Hmm, I hadn’t thought about the makeup being difficult to keep consistent.

      I do want to read the books, but they’re all checked out from the library. Of course I could put my name on the waiting list, or just buy the darn things, but it’s more fun to gripe. 😉

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