Supernatural once again, from the beginning

I’ve been watching one Supernatural episode per day, in chronological order (more or less) for the past several weeks.  I’d started posting my thoughts on each individual episode, but stopped because 1) sometimes I didn’t have much to say, and 2) no one really cared.  But last night I finished season 3 with “No Rest for the Wicked.”  You know, the episode that sent Dean to hell and traumatized millions of fans.  (Personally, I knew Eric Kripke, being the bastard that he is, would do it, but it was still unnerving.)

Over the course of the last couple seasons I’ve noticed a few things that played out in the fourth season.

1. Sam’s utter devastation without Dean.  In some ways, Sam’s devastation mirrored Dean’s when Sam died near the end of season 2.  We had hints of what would happen to Sam in “Mystery Spot.”  But in “Mystery Spot,” Sam turned his obsessive-compulsive nature towards hunting down the Trickster, and killing lots of supernatural things along the way.  (I just realized how much this mirrored John’s obsessive-compulsive nature in hunting the Yellow-Eyed Demon.  Fortunately, Sam didn’t have two young children to abandon in crappy motels care for along the way.)  Instead, Sam turned all his attention in trying to get Dean back.  At least until he hooked up with Ruby again.

Jared Pacalecki as Sam Winchester, looking particularly fine

Jared Pacalecki as Sam Winchester, looking particularly fine

2.  Ruby’s motivations.   All through season 3, the reasons she gave for helping Sam and Dean were the lamest in the history of lame excuses.  “I want to help Sam get ready to fight the upcoming war.”  “I remember what it’s like to be human.”  I can’t believe the Winchesters fell for it.  I guess she played on Sam’s desperation.   Interestingly, in “No Rest for the Wicked” Dean actually said of Ruby, “She could be working for Lilith for all we know!”   How right he was.

3.  And lastly, Jared Padalecki was extraordinarily pretty in those last final episodes of season 3.  I guess that means they were “good hair episodes.”

In other news, where is my review of this week’s Warehouse 13?  Remember when I said it wasn’t “must watch tv”? I haven’t watched it yet.


3 responses to “Supernatural once again, from the beginning

  1. I’m nearing the end of season 3 again, myself, and noticed some of the same things. Sam’s reaction to Dean’s death seems so much more devastating to ME now, too.

    I’m fascinated with how different Ruby looks now. Watching the progression before the end of season 4, I could never decide whether I believed her or not. I never felt strongly that she was okay, but I was also never quite convinced she was ALL bad. Katie Cassidy’s performance has more respect from me, now, too. It’s probably giving her too much credit for the nuances I see, but in “Jus in Bello,” where before I didn’t believe she was ready to sacrifice herself, now all I see is manipulation, but done in such a way that I can’t blame Sam for believing in her, either.

    Man, I can’t wait for season 5!

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