Warehouse 13: Implodingly Duped

I missed talking about last week’s Warehouse 13 episosde, “Implosion,” perhaps because it felt a little disjointed.  Like Myka, I wasn’t crazy about Artie’s backstory, but I guess it’s needed to bring the character out of the Warehouse and give it something to build on.  But really, how can you complain about a show with an invisible wielding sword, mesmerizing pinwheel fireworks and Roger Rees?  While there might not have been quite enough of Artie’s nemesis, the door’s wide open for his return.

Had I written this “review” last week, I would have complained about the show completely dropping Myka’s ferret.  And look what happened—two mentions in one episode!  Yay!

And that’s not the only thing there was to love about “Duped.”

I liked the continuity the show kept with Artie’s arm still in a sling.  The Warehouse artifacts were beyond awesome:  the Studio 54 disco ball that automatically plays Donna Summer’s “I Will Survive” when it’s moved; and Louis Carroll’s mirror (or, “looking glass” for the purists) that allows Pete to play ping-pong with himself.  (Didn’t we see Pete playing ping-pong with himself/it in an earlier episode as well?)   While the magical see-the-future coin wasn’t nearly as interesting, it was necessary to the episode.

A lot of people complain about Joanne Kelly’s acting, but I thought she did a fine job here.  She had to play a myriad of characters and did them all entertainingly well.  Even if the drunken bimbo at the door was a bit over the top, all is forgiven for the awesomeness of crazy-mad Alice marching through the Warehouse to destroy the mirror, all to the tune of “White Rabbit.”  (I have got to get that song on my iPod.)

Joanne Kelly as Myka Bering as Crazy Alice

Joanne Kelly as Myka Bering as Crazy Alice

All in all, one of my favorite episodes so far.

[Screencap courtesy of Krissie’s Caps.]


4 responses to “Warehouse 13: Implodingly Duped

  1. We have a little pile of these episodes waiting to be watched — don’t know why we don’t jump on these as quickly as we do shows like Leverage or In Plain Sight or whatever, because when we watch them, we enjoy them quite a lot. Looking forward to this one; we saw the episode in which Pete plays mirror ping-pong, and looking at the episode #, realized it must have been out of order, because that came out of the blue, I think.

    • I know about stockpiling episodes! I’ve had a bunch of The Cleaner episodes sitting on my DVR for awhile. I finally got caught up last night.

      I keep meaning to watch Leverage—I’ve heard great things about it—but it keeps slipping from my mind. I’ll have to put it in my NetFlix queue.

  2. Why do people think that Joanne Kelly can’t act? Because she is subtle and not over-the-top?

    She did such a good job in “Duped” that I looked at her other work to see if that was a fluke. She has real range and is at least as talented as “Mirror Alice” demonstrated her to be.

    • I know! And later episodes allowed her to show even more talent—for both her and Eddie McClintock.

      I’ll get the excellent season finale one of these days. I promise! 😉

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