Warehouse 13 & Supernatural crossover

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m rewatching old Supernatural episodes every day.  (I think I’ll start calling this my “Summer ’09 Supernatural Retrospective.”)  Over the weekend I watched, among others, “Metamorphosis.”  Lo and behold, Joanne Kelly was one of the guest stars, playing to soon-to-be rugaru Jack’s wife in “Metamorphosis.”  The actress seems to be quite busy.  She guest starred on an episode of Castle I watched a week or so ago.  (I wanted to see if it’s worth my time.  It’s not.)

See what happens when Sam Winchester says "Bloody Mary" 3 times in front of a mirror?

See what happens when Sam Winchester says "Bloody Mary" 3 times in front of a mirror?

But the crossover doesn’t end there.  The Warehouse 13 episode “Duped” really did it for me.  Not only did I thoroughly enjoy it, it had a couple great references to Supernatural classic moments.  First was Claudia’s reference to the Bloody Mary legend, briefly assuming that’s why Artie was afraid to look into the mirror.  In Supernatural, “Bloody Mary” had a whole episode named after her.  And it was the first episode to establish that Sam Winchester had mysterious psychic abilities.

Then there was the uber-awesome “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane/Starship.  With all the song’s references to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, it made perfect sense in an episode about Louis Carroll’s mirror.  And its pronounced beat and strong chords matched Crazy Alice’s determined walk through the Warehouse.  In Supernatural, the song was used to underscore the creepiness of the “psychic kids” and heighten the gruesomeness of poor, pretty Scott Carey’s demise.  And it was awesome.

Ok, maybe I’m really stretching it to say the Warehouse 13 events were references to Supernatural.  But it always tickles me when two of my fandoms collide.  Even if it’s only in my head.


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