True Blood: Let’s FF

Oh, get your mind out of the gutter.  That’s Fast-Forward, not… you know, the other F word.

But first, let’s discuss last week’s episode, since I didn’t get my review up.

New World in My View

It’s official.  I am loving Jason Stackhouse.  Underneath that horndog exterior lies a heart of gold.  Using his “soldier of God” (or whatever it was called) training to rescue Sam and Andy was great.  Even if it didn’t go quite as planned.  Posing as Bacchus (I’m going to call him by his Roman name because it’s a lot easier to spell than Dionysus) was genius.  The unlikely trio of Sam, Andy and Jason was just too much fun.  I kept wondering why Sam didn’t just turn into a fly again, but the way it was done put a polishing finish on the events.

Lafayette is once again awesome (and I actually liked his green eyeshadow).  He gets the line of the night.  “This has got to be worst mother-fucking intervention in history.”  That may end up being as classic as “Who ordered the hamburger with AIDS?”

I’m so glad Sookie and company are back in Bon Temps.  That Dallas shit was getting old.  Besides, I wanted Sookie to come back and reclaim her home.  Ok, that didn’t turn out so well, did it?

It must have been a good episode.  I didn’t notice the makeup at all.


Ok, I admit it.  I haven’t really “watched” last night’s True Blood.  I fast-forwarded through most of it, stopping to watch only a few scenes.  I’ll go back and watch it in full tonight.  If something better doesn’t come along.

I’m am so sick and tired of the black-eyed plague.   How many weeks have we been subjected to this (literal) madness?  Four?  Five?  The entire damn season?  Enough already!

What the eff was the purpose of getting Tara to come out of her stupor, only to be stuper-fied again?  Seriously!  It made the whole intervention scene feel like filler.

Alan Ball wrote this episode and I have to say, I am not impressed.  Maybe I will be after really watching tonight.  But at this rate, I’ll actually be glad when the season ends.

2 responses to “True Blood: Let’s FF

  1. Jason is dumb dumb dumb, but yes, he’s much nicer on the series than the books.

    The maenad plot is definitely a subplot in the books, and while I found it interesting in both TV and books, I have to agree that this is going on a while. But the book (and it was only in one) did close up the plot. And I hope Alan Ball does the same in the series!

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