3 shows, 3 comments

True Blood

I finally watched “Frenzy” at normal speed.  I am still not impressed.  Even more so because the actress who plays Queen Sophie-Anne is really awful.  But, kudos to Bill for winning the penis-mearuring contest with Eric.  And kudos to Eric for this episode’s line of the week, “Goodnight, tiny humans. 😉 ” (Let’s not forget the wink!)

Warehouse 13

More to come on “Regrets.”  The show really seems to be finding its groove.  This is about the 4th or so episode in a row that I really loved.  And the Dartmouth hoodie returned!  (I missed it last week.)


I stopped at Target on the way home from work and bought the season 4 DVD set.  (It was the last one out, as far as I could tell.  So, good timing, me!)  I will be spending the rest of the evening in front of the tv drooling.


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