Supernatural: Sympathy for the Devil

I was… um… mildly… underwhelmed?

I’m not sure why I wasn’t blown away by the season 5 premiere of Supernatural.  Perhaps it’s because I just finished watching my Summer ’09 Supernatural Retrospective with the commentary of “When the Levee Breaks” and “Lucifer Rising,”  and I’m still jaded from all the Genevieve Cortese praise.  I’ve yet to see any evidence the girl can act, but obviously several Hollywood types disagree with me.

Fellow Sci Fi Chick Sandy expressed much of what bothered me more eloquently than I ever could.  But I’ll not let that stop me from giving my opinions.

Dean’s sanctimonious ass is really annoying me.  Dean broke the first seal! None of the other seals would have been broken, including the final seal, had Dean not tortured souls in hell.  Does Sam even know that Dean broke the first seal?  Does Bobby?  Has Dean said anything to either of them?

Dean’s final speech to Sam wasn’t admission of his own guilt.  Instead, it all boiled down to the “epic love story of Sam and Dean.”  Dean’s jealous pissed because Sam chose Ruby over him.  (Oh, Wincest fans will have a blast with that!)  But the only reason Sam drifted to Ruby was Dean’s death.  Ruby was there when Sam was at his lowest point.  Yes, she manipulated him and the idiot fell for it.  But the crossroads demon manipulated Dean when he was without Sam.  So neither brother is innocent, and neither can really function without the other.

DeanGirls should now be pleased that Dean is indeed part of the mythology, what with being Michael’s “sword” and all.  Even if he doesn’t want to be.

I am pleased that Castiel appears to have grown a pair, and I’ll be interested to find out more about his resurrection.  (Suzanne thinks it might have been the Big Guy; you know, the Guy whom Zachariah says “has left the building.”)

I realized I’m really not looking forward to an entire year of the apocalypse.  Maybe that’s why I’m not super-enthused right now.  Seeing all the familiar faces in the preview for next week’s episode makes me worry they’re not going to be alive by episode’s end.


14 responses to “Supernatural: Sympathy for the Devil

  1. It was no “Lazarus Rising” but I thought it was a decent episode. I need to see who directed it, because the style seemed different. I can’t quite put my finger on it, whether it was the angles or the edits or what. Except for AC/DC, the music struck me as really different, too.

    Kripke says it’s supposed to be a very funny sort of Apocalypse, so maybe that will help you get through the entire season. 😀

    • Bob Singer directed it. I just finished rewatching and have a few more thoughts I’ll write about tomorrow. (BTW, I commented on your LJ post and before I could “submit” my computer rebooted for patches. Then I had to leave for work.)

      One thing I’ve always strongly felt about Supernatural: even if I don’t particularly like an episode, I still love it when other people do, because it means it’s just that good of a show. 🙂

  2. Underwhelmed? LOL, well I am still considering my thoughts. It was great to see Sam and Dean that is for sure. I love the mini salute to Sam girls and the feeling him up well it seems that was not fiction. Back to the episode: Bobby going all black eyed was creepy and I have to wonder why he would have left himself open for that. I don’t see Bobby being that foolish when the boys have their tats. Castiel growing a pair was truly awesome. I do think Chucks appearance in this episode was not needed except to bring in the fan girl. I am a devout Cassie fan so to see Route 666 poster on a wall had my blood pumping I guess that was enough to keep my attention well that and the Winchesters pretty faces with and without tears.

    Right now that is where I am on it, I respect your opinions though as a former Wildfire fan I might miss Gen Cortese a bit at some point.

    • Yeah, I had to digest my thoughts on this episode, too. Sometimes I have this elated feeling after a show (even if it has a somewhat sad ending) that means I totally loved it Sometimes the love comes after I’ve watched the episode a few times (or time has passed). With this episode, I wasn’t exactly sure why I didn’t absolutely love it. I think the combination of Dean being all righteous along with realizing this season is about the end of the world brought me a bit down.

      The SamGirl was pretty funny, telling the uber-gorgeous Dean “You’re not what I pictured.” Ha!

      And I respect your opinions, too! I’m not here to brow-beat anyone into feeling the same way I do, and I really do enjoy a different perspective. So never be afraid to comment even if you don’t agree. 🙂 (I understand Gen Cortese has a recurring role on one of the new series FlashForward this fall. And I hear it’s getting good reviews. Since I’ve never seen her in anything else, I’ll be interested to see her as someone other than Ruby.)

  3. The music was different I was expecting the Wayward Son for the flashbacks……..but it turned out that the song was cool. I think I and maybe others have to get used to changes on our fave show. I can’t wait for more of the season. I really did miss the show during the summer.

  4. I certainly agree with the fact that both Sam AND Dean played their parts in bringing about the apocalypse. It’s hard to take sides though. I do get Dean’s anger but at the same time I wish he’d stop pushing Sam away because wasn’t that also part of why things got worse? Because they didn’t stick to each other?

  5. I didn’t see Dean as being sanctimonious. He wasn’t blaming Sam for breaking the final seal – in fact tried to stop him from telling Bobby. That wasn’t the issue and Sam didn’t seem to realize what was really hurting his brother. As Dean said last year in Sex and Violence, it was all the lies.

    And don’t forget when Sam chose Ruby over Dean – Dean had agreed to follow his lead on killing Lilith (as long as Ruby was left behind) so Dean knows he or anyone else killing Lilith would have started the Apocalypse.

    I think he said what he did at the end of the episode because Sam just wasn’t getting it. He kept apologizing for something Dean wasn’t blaming him for while Dean was hurting from something Sam wasn’t even recognizing as an issue let alone apologizing.

    I think we saw awareness start to bloom in Sam’s eyes. He now knows what the real issue between them is. When they finally get a chance to really address that, then they can begin to re-forge a stronger brotherly bond more as equals than little brother/big brother.

    • Wow! Excellent insight! So often I don’t see the subtleties (and sometimes not even the stuff that’s supposed to hit you in the face), I really appreciate it when people point things like this out.

      I never did understand Sam’s attraction to Ruby (even after “I Know What You Did Last Summer”), but he was extremely vulnerable all alone and Ruby took advantage of that.

      In the context you put it in, Dean has been incredibly patient.

    • YES! I saw it the same way. Dean did say at one point “we make a mess, we clean it up.” He’s hurt because Sam not only chose Ruby, he did so violently (remember him choking Dean on the floor of the honeymoon suite?).

      Saying he can’t trust Sam anymore is lashing out, trying to hurt him back even though part of him doesn’t want to, but I don’t believe it’s true. Not deep down. Deep down, at an instinctive level, he will always expect Sammy to have his back. There are just so many layers for them to work through, now, he can’t see that or feel it.

      Man, I think about this show too much. LOL

  6. I realized I’m really not looking forward to an entire year of the apocalypse.

    Give it a chance! From what the writers have been saying, I don’t think it’s going to be as heavy or dark as these first couple of episodes will be. In past seasons, for every introduced element that could be tiresome (running from the FBI, for an example), they balanced it perfectly. So hang in there!

    (You know I just want everyone to love it as much as I do. I hope you’ll like next week better!)

    • Sandy said something similar. Even though she might not be happy with something, she’s learned to trust the show.

      In past seasons, for every introduced element that could be tiresome (running from the FBI, for an example), they balanced it perfectly.

      You mean like introducing a new half-brother?? (I wasn’t too upset about that, but man the fandom nearly exploded.)

      • LOL–Yeah, exactly like that.

        Probably since I keep my exposure limited, MOST of the responses to that, before the ep aired, were of the “I’m sure they’ll do it right” variety. There were plenty of screams, though.

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