Supernatural episode redux

Heh.  Obviously I was more excited about the season premiere than I realized, since I’m still thinking on it.  Either that or I just like to hear myself talk.  Kind of like lispy Meg, I guess.  So upon rewatch, here are some additional notes.

1.  Love the new title card.  Best since season 2.

2.  Zachariah, I see your lips moving, but all I hear is nonsense.  First of all, you were so freakin’ annoying adamant about keeping Dean from stopping Sam (& the Apocalypse), why are you now bitching about needing to strike hard and swift?  And how is it easier to kill Lucifer before he finds his meat suit?  I would think once he becomes corporeal he’d be much easier to pin down (perhaps literally).  I guess it’s more dramatic this way?

3.  If one’s lungs have been ripped out, you can’t make any sound.  So even though Sam’s gasps were faint, there shouldn’t have been any at all.  Of course, this is probably one of those cases where the staged version makes more sense to the masses.

4.   Sam!fan Becky’s wall included a Winchester Blvd street sign.  Um, how would she know it since Chuck never wrote down the last name?  Unless he started using it in his books after “The Monster at the End of This Book.”  Except that these books were never published.  Unless Chuck wrote them on Carver Edlund’s ( blog.  See?  I can rationalize almost anything when it comes to this show.

5.  And finally, for Natalie, I knew Bobby would stab himself.  But mostly because I was spoiled by a picture of Bobby on a gurney with his guts bleeding.

I suppose now that I have this out of my system, I should get crackin’ on True Blood and Warehouse 13.  When does Legend of the Seeker season 2 start?


3 responses to “Supernatural episode redux

  1. Speaking of rationalizing things, I have a theory that the girl Meg is possessing was some meek little mousy girl who kept quiet most of the time because of that slight lisp, until Meg came along. As I recall, the original Meg’s ghost complained that the demon slutted her up during her possession.

    As for Zachariah–BOOO!! HISS!!

    • I like your Meg theory. She does sort of look like she could have been the mousy type.

      And to think I liked Zachariah when he first appeared.

  2. RE: Zachariah–it wasn’t that it would be easier to kill Lucifer before he found a host. It was two factors: 1) Lucifer has minimal power before he finds a host (just like demons can’t do much until they’re in a body), and 2) he was trying to coerce Dean to agree to work with them so he would accept Michael. Dean didn’t bite, so they went to Plan B.

    4. Good call! I missed that one.

    5. That reinforces my determination not to look at any pics or clips! I wouldn’t have enjoyed knowing that ahead of time. 😦

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