Distractions, distractions

Project Runway is really interfering with my Supernatural musings.  For example, this week’s Supernatural episode, “I Believe the Children Are Our Future” was good, but it didn’t leave me thinking after watching Project Runway.  It’s not that PR is that fabulous (especially since my favorite designer’s already been bumped off), it’s just that I don’t have time to brood mull over Supernatural.  That’s probably a  good thing, though.  I find I enjoy both the show and the fans much more when I don’t take it too seriously.

FlashForward is just not holding me.  When I found out Allison Brie, the actress who plays Trudie on Mad Men was also in Community, I decided to watch it.  For two weeks now, Community has had me in stitches.  Each week the supporting players are given entertaining storylines, and they always deliver.

After Community, I switch over to FlashForward.  Since I’m recording it, I start at the beginning and fast forward through all the boring stuff.  (Well, boring to me.)  That includes Agent Noh agonizing over his lack of a flash forward and Olivia Benton whining about hers.  Hey, newsflash, Olivia, the end of your marriage is not the end of your world.  Yeah, I know divorce is traumatic, but there’s so much worse that could happen.  Like, you know, all those people who drowned on the bus.  And it’s not like Olivia is dependent on Mark.  Hell, she probably makes more money than he does anyway.  Now Aaron Stark’s flash forward, where he sees his dead daughter alive, now that’s something I can understand agonizing over.

I really like Joseph Fiennes.  His face so interesting, so full of emotion.  You see his inner struggles, even when he’s just staring into space.  And I love that Courtney B. Vance is back on tv.  But honestly, I just can’t seem to take John Cho seriously.  I blame it on Harold and Kumar.


4 responses to “Distractions, distractions

  1. Joseph Fiennes is the main reason I thought of giving FlashForward a try. I haven’t yet, but he’s still the main draw. I saw him in both Elizabeth and Shakespeare In Love several years ago, and he’s captivating in both. It must be that English actor thing.

    You actually watched Harold and Kumar?? That’s one I have avoided like the plague.

    • He’s also in The Great Raid with Benjamin Bratt. He played the head prisoner. The actors who played the Army Rangers had to go through some rough military training. They moaned they had it rougher than the actors who played the prisoners—until they found out the prisoner actors had to starve to show their gauntness.

      Actually, I only watched a small portion of Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay because I wanted to see Daneel Harris. She’s very nondescript to me. (When I went to see A Few Good Men, she was standing right in front of me and I didn’t know who she was until she told some guy “I’m Daneel.”)

  2. Even though I really wanted to like Community (despite Chevy Chase), I find myself doing anything but. And John Cho … I was lucky; I never got around to seeing the Harold and Kumar movies, so he was someone I’d heard about.

  3. I understand wanting to like something, but just not. One of my cyber pals felt that way about Warehouse 13. And I’m struggling with FlashForward. (Haven’t seen this week’s episode yet.)

    I thought I’d find Community‘s main character a real bore, but he’s not nearly as slick as he thinks he is. Plus I like the way they keep mixing up the supporting characters. (I hope they’re not just doing that to see who clicks and who doesn’t. I really like the diversity.)

    Saying that, I didn’t find last week’s episode quite as funny as previous weeks. Until the last 3 minutes. 😀

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