About damn time!

I finally got around to rewatching the Warehouse 13 season finale.  I don’t know why I kept putting it off.  I guess I just felt I wasn’t ready.  (Ready for what, I don’t know.  Maybe ready to write a review?)

The episode had so many locations—the wife’s house, the warehouse, the gravel road, the underground place; not to mention everything going on back at the warehouse—it felt a little disjointed.  But it also had Roger Rees.  He makes such a fabulous villain, and a great foil for Artie (and Mrs. Frederic), I could forgive the choppy editing.

And then, the ending was so freaking awesome, I forgot any complaints I might have had.  And that was before I saw the real ending!

Yes, it’s true.  After watching the episode two times, I thought the episode ended with the reveal of MacPherson’s helper.  And, as I’ve already said, it was awesome.

But upon reading the Warehouse 13 thread at Television Without Pity (I hope the show gets it’s own forum next year), I discovered there was some sort of fire involving the possible death of Artie.  What the heck?  Did my recorder cut off too soon?

Nope.  I’d just assumed the cut to commercial after Leena’s reveal signaled the end of the episode.  Turns out there was another 5 minutes!  Biggest.  D’oh! Evah!

So the real ending was more of a cliffhanger than I initially thought.  Although I dislike season-ending cliffhangers, they really have become de rigueur in the industry.  I was quite happy with the cliffhanger-suspense level of MacPherson’s escape and Leena’s reveal.  It gave me the whole… however long it is until season 2 starts… to think about the ramifications.  The actual ending was much more dramatic and the cliffhanger-suspense level on a whole new level, but I still have the same things to ponder.  Plus:

  • Will Artie live?
  • Will Pete & Myka make it out of the warehouse?
  • Will Mrs. Frederic make it back in time to intercept MacPherson?  Or to save Artie?
  • Where is Claudia?
  • What will become of Myka’s ferret?

Oh!  And who thought it’d be a good idea to put a “Reverse” button on the cryogenic-bronzing gizmo?  At what point in time would one want to reintroduce history’s greatest criminals back into society?  Isn’t that just a tad bit reckless?


One response to “About damn time!

  1. Oh my God, I haven’t watched it yet! Now I must! MUST! Seriously, now I’m intrigued. Will have to argue to watch it tonight instead of the half million other things we have waiting!

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