FlashForward gets good…

… if not a little wacko.

I knew from the previews that Peter Coyote plays the President.  I highly concur with this casting!

So Courtney B. Vance is good buddies with President Peter Coyote.  (Isn’t it sad I don’t know the characters’ names?)  But not so good that he’s above blackmailing him.  Ha!  And the President’s petty enough to nominate Vance’s nemesis as Vice President in retaliation.  Actually, she’ll have less power as Veep than she did as a senator.  Heh.  Oh, but then there’s her flashforward that she’s President. But President Peter Coyote is still alive because he’s in bed in his flashforward.  But wait, the time of the flashforward is 10:00 p.m.  What President goes to bed at 10 p.m.?  Oh, maybe the 10 p.m. is Pacific time, making it 1:00 a.m. in Washington.  Oh, my head hurts.

And how about that shootout?  Major whack!  Where do I begin?  To quote The Prophet Chuck (yes, another Supernatural reference) “It’s preposterous!”  Four FBI agents in sedan get broadsided by a van, then blown up.  Lo and behold, all four agents emerge unscathed!   And they’re more than eager to shoot the shit out of the van guys (who look ominously Chinese).  All in slow motion to the tune of the Rolling Stones’ “Sister Christian.”  Yeah, maybe the guy viewers really got into it.  It was definitely entertaining, just not exactly how they intended.

Ack!  I totally forgot that at the same time (and set to the same music), Agent Janis the closet lesbian is attacked D.C., by two ominously Asian assailants while walking home.  Of course, she takes out both guys, but is shot in the stomach.  As the camera pulls up, she’s lying in the street and her new talking-rolling-spinning alarm clock (a gift from her new, but maybe former, lover) rolls around in her blood, telling telling her it’s time to get up, leaving groovy circles of blood trailing behind it.  [Insert screencap I can’t find here.]

Next week it’s back to Olivia whining about her marriage.  I’ll be sure my fast-forward button is in good working order.


3 responses to “FlashForward gets good…

  1. Isn’t it sad I don’t know the characters’ names? It’s funny, we all seem to have trouble with that! 🙂

    I loved the explosion scene. I totally buy it (assuming I’m remembering it correctly LOL). When the guy puts the launcher on his shoulder, the guys in the car immediately move to get out the other side. If they hit the ground immediately, the burst would have been above them, and they wouldn’t have been visible to the bad guys.

    The President/VP thing is curious. Some of my friends think the senator/veep is lying about her flash forward, or at least misinterpreting it. When I pointed out that the aide at the press conference was also the guy who opened the door in the pres’s flash forward, a friend said “don’t former presidents get called Mr. President, too?”

    I’m just dying for something to give us a direction on the FFs. Either Janice is going to be okay, or the senator’s right, and not all the FFs will come true. If Janice dies, we know the senator’s right. The AA sponsor (see? don’t know the names! LOL) saw his daughter in his, but got positive DNA results from the exhumation, but there are many possible explanations that can allow the FF to be true.

    Much as I dislike Olivia, her FF situation is the most interesting. She saw Lloyd, who didn’t see her, but he did have the same vision. But he heard Dylan nearby, laughing, and Dylan knew Olivia when he saw her in the present, but she didn’t see Dylan in her FF. Charlie knew Dylan, so he had to be in her FF, right? But she also said D. Gibbons is a bad man, so where was he? And if Charlie’s vision was bad, why did we hear childish laughter in Lloyd’s FF?

    I’m sure there are answers to all of those, but I’m having fun playing with the possibilities. 🙂

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