V: the pilot

Sorry for the long absence.  I’m participating in NaBloPoMo at Stream of Conscience, and since I now have limited internet time, it’s eating into my SFC posting.

So, what did y’all think about V?

I like it so far.  But I try not to judge a show based on its pilot.  There’s usually so much exposition, it’s difficult to get into the meat of the story.  And yet V managed to pack in a lot of storytelling.  I like Joel Gretsch (even though he played a nasty SOB in Taken), but since he’s kind of leading-man material, making him a priest seems a little off.  Perhaps there’s a reason for it.  I’m willing to wait and see.

I couldn’t get into Battlestar Galactica was because it was so dark and depressing.  And that’s my main worry here.  How do human beings fight an enemy with superior technology, knowledge and power?  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how V plays out.

By the way, I called it on the FBI agent’s partner!  However, I did not see the twist of Ryan’s (Morris Chestnut) background.  I think it makes me like him even more.


8 responses to “V: the pilot

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  2. I like it so far. It’s similar enough to be recognizable as V, but different enough that I’m not constantly comparing the two series while I’m watching.

    • The 2nd episode wasn’t quite as exciting as the first, but the 3rd one provided some interesting twists. I’m looking forward to this week’s show.

  3. I liked it. Didn’t find it OMGawesome, but loved the twists (should have seen Alan’s character’s truth coming, but didn’t) and the tension at the beginning. Not happy about a busy/overworked-single-Mom-means-stupid-rebellious-kid subplot, but eh. We’ll see!

    • Of course you’d comment on the Mom stuff. I thought all boys at that age were rebellious, regardless of how busy/overworked single (and don’t forget kick-ass) Mom the mom is. 😀

      • I don’t have boys, so I really shouldn’t have an opinion on that, but my mother was a single, overworked mother, and my brother was never rebellious and stupid. Of course, he also had me as an older sister, so maybe that skews things. LOL

  4. I think it’s significant that I’ve fallen asleep over both of the episodes I’ve seen. Worse, I had no desire to go back and see what I missed. Admittedly, I never saw the original, so maybe I had to be there. But this didn’t seem fresh, it didn’t seem all that original (maybe it was back when), and killing off Alan Tudyk made me lose interest. Although seeing all the veterans from other SF series has been amusing. I’m assuming that V was filmed at Vancouver studios.

    The Hub seems mildly interested, so we may continue to watch, we may not. If not, I’m not crying over it.

    • Hahaha! Yeah, I guess falling asleep would be a good indication. I never saw the original either. I remember seeing bits of it, but the idea seemed too dark and depressing to be enjoyable. (Part of the reason I couldn’t watch Battlestar Galactica.

      The Hub, huh? Never heard of it. Guess I’ll see what I can find out.

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