Just the facts, Ma’am

Supernatural fans are a funny, passionate bunch. I had thought there’d be a huge outcry after “The Real Ghostbusters.”  Instead, tempers flared after the terrific “Abandon All Hope.” Natalie better expressed (her and) my dismay at the fandom; and being a published author, did a much better job than I ever could.

Tempers have flared and debates have raged over Supernatural since its first season. Is Wincest ok or not? Was Jessica forgiving or angry at the end of “Bloody Mary”? Sam is selfish and whiny. Dean is bossy and gets too much screen time. You name it; you can find Supernatural fans to argue about it.

In the case of “Abandon All Hope,” two beloved recurring female characters (ok, one beloved and one semi-beloved) were killed off. Cries of misogyny rang throughout the internet; the complaint being Supernatural has killed off every well-loved recurring female character.  Oh, and while we’re at it, they’ve killed off a disproportionate number of black men, so the show must be racist as well.

We Supernatural fans tend to act with our hearts instead of our heads.  I have my own thoughts on these matters, but for now am going to concentrate on the cold, hard facts.  During the show’s two month hiatus I will be reviewing each episode and compiling a list of casualties.  The victims will be broken out by sex and then by ethnicity.

Will the facts support my beliefs?  Truthfully, I don’t know.  But I plan to have a lot of fun finding out.


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