I was just about ready to ask if someone would  like to review FlashForward here.  I hadn’t gotten around to watching the episode that aired on Nov 19th, “Believe,” and wasn’t sure I was motivated to do so.   I finally watched it after reading an article about the series in TV Guide.

I loved it!  Focusing on Bryce and his flashforward was a nice departure from the Mark-Olivia manufactured angst.  Then I went back and reread the TV Guide article.  So “Believe” was an atypical episode.  Bah!

Still, there was much to love:   A glimpse into Bryce’s life and flashforward,  and Mark Benford finally getting called out on his whiny, selfish shit.  But what I loved most?  The restaurant in the flashforward is in LA (or wherever this show takes place)!

Did you notice the voice of reason in this storyline is the teenage baby-sitter Nicole?  It seems a little strange she’s so together, given that her flashforward was truly brutal—as opposed to Mark and Olivia’s, which their obsession is only pushing them towards.

My Supernatural friends know I didn’t care for Genevieve Cortese as Ruby, but I think she’s doing a fine job in FlashForward.  Her story as an amputee on the run is intriguing, even if the alcoholism story isn’t.

In truth, I’m finding FlashForward‘s alcoholism storylines, especially Mark’s over-angsty one , sort of like the fake pregnancy storyline in Glee.  I’m tolerating it for the greater story.  (Although that TV Guide article says there’s more to Mark’s drinking in his flashforward than Olivia’s possible affair.)

Yeah, I really don’t care about Mark and Olivia and am only somewhat affected by Aaron and daughter Stacy.  Bring on Bryce and Keiko!


2 responses to “FlashForward

  1. YES! On everything you said!

    The greater mystery still intrigues me, as well as characters like Bryce and Janice and Dimitri. We don’t really know how Nikki was before the flashes, just that she would have sex with her boyfriend while babysitting (though the kid WAS asleep), so I’m just guessing her seriousness and wisdom aren’t too much out of character, just brought out by the horror of her flash forward.

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