Let the facts begin!

Man, I am so confused! I’m not sure what I’ve posted and what hasn’t been posted. I started posts both last night and the night before, but I think I pooped out before I got the data all prettified. This epsidose rewatching schedule and Christmas preparation (and not being able to kill time at work) is kicking my ass!

So, until I get to the weekend and can spend some time figuring out how to best present the data, I’m just going to give y’all the dirty low down without any of the fancy-schmancy tables.

So here we go.

Raw numbers through the first 9 episodes:

Total # victims: 20
# men victims: 13
# of women: 7
# of ethnic deaths: 1
# of dead white men: 12
(You can gather from this data that the ethnic death is male.)

How does that work out percentage-wise?

% of male deaths: 65%
% female deaths: 35%
% ethnic deaths: 5%
% white male deaths: 60%
% of male deaths that are white men: 92.3%

And here’s something to chew on until my next Supernatural statistics report.  Here’s some numbers on the general U.S. population (from the U.S. Census Bureau), just for comparison (for now).

% population that is female: 51% (Really! It’s not 50%, probably because women tend to outlive men.)

77% is white
24% is ethnic (all races and mixed)
11% is black/African-American

Discussion will ensue later, but you’re welcome to start voicing your opinions!


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