FlashForward: A5619184

Wow.  FlashForward is really getting good—just when it’s going on a 3 month hiatus.  That’s television for ya.  This episode had lots of action, lots of forward movement; and no alcoholic angst.  For the first time, I’m actually interested in seeing how things play out.

Things are looking worse and worse for Dimitri.  Even after Al changed his own future (by not having one), everyone still seems to be moving towards their flashforwards.

That TV Guide article said there’d be more to the disintegration of Mark & Olivia’s marriage than just his drinking.  I suppose getting fired for causing a scene in China might do that. I’m thinking that Mark not working for the FBI in his flashforward might be significant.  He becomes so obsessed with fitting the Mosaic pieces together, even though it’s no longer his job, that it drives the wedge further into his marriage and leads to him drinking again.

For the first time, I’m sort of liking Lloyd.  Not that I hated him before; he just didn’t do anything for me.  But now I’m feeling a little of his pain.  (By the way, I called it on those EMTs, although I thought they’d take his son instead of Lloyd.)

As for Lloyd’s fellow scientise, it’s really hard for me to see Dominic Monaghan as a ruthless corporate type after playing Charlie on Lost.  (What little I watched of Lost during its first season.)  I realize the whole premise of  an actor’s life  is to play characters of different personas  (oops, my spell checker says it’s personae); but Dominic’s look seems more blue-collar or comic relief to me.  Yet here he’s one of the most highly educated, scariest characters on the show.  I have to say, his rant that scientists conduct experiments all the time and can’t be held accountable for the consequences has to be one of the stupidest defenses I’ve ever seen.  (And having watched General Hospital for a few years, I’ve seen some pretty lame defenses.)  But, this is tv, and the laws of reality don’t always apply.

Michael Massey is back.  His hair’s gotten longer than it was on his stint as Kubrick in Supernatural.  I really liked Kubrick, but somehow, I don’t think D. Gibbons is going to be all that nice.

And lastly, does Joseph Fiennes mumble?   I seem to miss half his lines.  I know part of it may be that American English is not his native speech, but lots of British actors (and Australians for that matter—one of the best being Legend of the Seeker‘s Craig Horner) do it without me having to replay the scene.  And even then I still don’t catch his lines.


8 responses to “FlashForward: A5619184

  1. That’s interesting, I feel the exact opposite about Dominic Monaghan. I can’t see Charlie at all, can barely remember his sweet brokenness. Simon is so uptight and arrogant and intriguing, because we’ve seen hints of depth (the Annabelle bracelet, the Somalia thing breaking through his veneer that now seems like a total defense mechanism…).

    Joseph Fiennes DOES mumble, or swallow his words, or something, yes. I have to keep the volume up for his scenes. LOL

    • I know you absolutely adored Charlie on Lost. I guess I haven’t warmed to him here because he’s so caustic. But I like your analysis (although I don’t recall the Annabelle bracelet). It’ll be interesting to see how the Somalia thing affects him.

      Fiennes spoke with an American accent in The Great Raid and I don’t recall him mumbling. But I think it may have something to do with his softspokenness. I do like that aspect to him, although it doesn’t necessarily fit Mark.

      • I guess I haven’t warmed to him here because he’s so caustic.

        Oh, I agree. Let me clarify that I don’t LIKE Simon, but I love Dominic’s portrayal, and I’m intrigued by him. Some characters I just want gone (JD on Scrubs!) but some I like even though I don’t like them.

        If that makes any sense. LOL

        Hey, FYI, I keep getting confirmation e-mails that I’m subscribed to comments, but then I don’t get the comments! So I didn’t even know you’d replied to me ever. I’m sorry if you thought I was ignoring you!

        • Wait!? You want JD off of Scrubs? Isn’t he the star??

          And I actually didn’t even expect a reply, so you’re safe there! 😉

        • Nope, JD has never been the reason I watch Scrubs, he’s devolved, and he’s really, really annoying me. But it’s okay, because he’s leaving, anyway! Only doing six episodes this season. 🙂

  2. Geez, I don’t check in for a few weeks and everything’s DIFFERENT! Looks good, though.

    As for FlashForward, that’s still one of those shows that lingers on the TiVo. Finally down to the last one before hiatus (I assume), but I find myself torn. First of all, a lot of the secondary characters are hard to tell apart (Bryce is the suicidal doctor, huh? Thanks!), and ordinarily, I would like the subplot with Bryce and Keiko searching for each other, but I got the feeling that the producers figured that the Japanese subplot was so popular for Heroes, they’d come up with one for FF. But then I noticed a couple of things, principal of which was Keiko’s home, in Japan: It doesn’t have an entryway, not a proper one. Did you notice when she walked in, she walked in — she didn’t take off her shoes and step UP to the proper home? No Japanese home that. Ruined it for me — at least on Heroes Masi Oka got them to do the details right.

    Okay, I’m quibbling. Looking forward to Dr.Who!

    • I only just recently changed the theme, so that’s not a factor of your not checking in for awhile. 😀

      With FlashForward I sometimes have to use IMDB to find the names. I don’t remember the name of thefiance, and I know I’ve had to look up Aaron’s, and Nicole/Nikki’s and Bryce’s too. So don’t feel bad.

      You know, I’ve never been able to warm to Dr. Who, but probably because I’ve never stuck with it for any length of time. Might have to check it out on Netflix so I understand what’s what. (And what will you do after David Tennant leaves?)

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