Legend of the Seeker, season 2

I suppose I should use the winter hiatus to discuss the scifi tv shows I’ve been watching but not writing about.  You know, pretty much everything except Supernatural.  Let’s start with season 2 of Legend of the Seeker.

Richard's season 1 vs. season 2 hair

Richard’s season 1 hair (left) vs. season 2. Which do you prefer?

I haven’t been as enthralled with the show this year as last.  Then again, it took me about 8 episodes before I really got into season 1.  What kept me coming back was the relationship between Richard and Kahlan.  I’m not seeing that chemistry this year.  Maybe it’s the addition of Cara.  Maybe it’s that Kahlan and Richard haven’t had that much screen time together.  Maybe it’s Craig Horner’s hair.

It doesn’t help that the show’s now being aired at the ungodly hour of 11:30 pm on Sunday nights.  What was wrong with Saturdays at 9:00 pm?  I’m sure that time slot was partly responsible for the success of season 1.  Now I have to remember to watch it on Monday evenings. Worse, I’m subjected to all the commercials for phone sex, including gay phone sex.  Yes, I can fast-forward through the commercials (and I do), but just having to see them, even in fast-motion, is incredibly annoying.  Is this the kind of audience the producers are trying to attract?

As for the 6 episodes that have aired so far, I’ve found them equally distributed among good, excellent, and awful.  (For the mathematically challenged, that’s 2 in each category.)  I’ll discuss each episode in later posts, but for now, here’s the breakdown:

  • Good—Marked (2.01) and Baneling (2.02)
  • Excellent—Broken (2.03) and Touched (2.04).  Ok, maybe “Touched” wasn’t as great as “Broken,” but I still liked it quite a bit.
  • Awful—Wizard (2.05) and Fury (2.06)

Do you agree?  Even if you don’t, I’d love to hear what you thought of each episode—and Craig’s hair, too.


3 responses to “Legend of the Seeker, season 2

  1. I have really liked this season overall. I would say Wizard and Fury were OK, not good, but not completely horrible. I do agree that Craig needs a haircut and a shave. A little scruff is ok, but he had a near full beard in some of the shows. I have to say that you can’t blame the writers too much for the Wizard. Bruce had to come to America to Comicon to promote the show during the middle of filming. They had to do something to write him out of the show for about a week. I am not saying they shouldn’t have done better, but I understand with those limitations why the episode is the way it is.

    I can’t wait to the end of the season when it is warm in NZ, so we will get the shirtless seeker.

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