Tripping down memory lane

I blame Natalie for getting me hooked on Modern Family.  I started watching not because she told me it’s a great show, or combines the right amount of humor and sweetness, or has wonderfully goofy characters.  Those are reasons I continue to watch it.  Nope, I started watching when she told me Benjamin Bratt was going to appear as Manny’s (no good) dad.

[Yes, I am a Benjamin Bratt fan, but you probably figured that out from yesterday’s post.  He was the fuel that fired my  passion for web development.   Back in the olden days of the mid-90s, I started a fan site for him.  It was the only site for him, and very small, only a couple pages. But it grew, and I finally discovered what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I don’t run the website anymore. My interests diverted and I just didn’t keep up with the Bratt news. The talented and fabulous Francesca took it over, and her dedication has made the site sing.  /background]

Not only is Benjamin going to be on a terrific show, he’s getting a lot of promotional air time.  ABC has really been hyping his guest stint, giving him “star” status.   This tickles me.  You see, we long-time fans remember the days when he flew so low under the radar, he could ride the NYC subway without being recognized.   For him to be given this level of attention—on his own—is new to us.

As for the character of Manny’s father Javier, we know he’s charming and impressive on the outside, but rotten and selfish as a father. I’m really looking forward to Benjamin’s performance. He plays both the good guy and the bad guy quite well.

As for tonight, I guess I’ll watch the Orange Bowl. My alma mater is playing. Woohoo!


2 responses to “Tripping down memory lane

  1. I started watching “Modern Family” because I knew Benjamin Bratt was to guest star in it, too, but now I look forward to new episodes for their own sake, as the series turned out to be hilarious and sweet. I was impressed by how much hype Benjamin’s guest appearance in “Modern Family” is getting.

    BTW, it was a fandom that prompted me to learn the little I know about web design.

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