A week & a half later…

I bet you thought because I hadn’t posted in a while that I was disappointed in Modern Family‘s episode last week, titled “Up All Night.”  No way! It was awesome!  Awesome, I tell you!  And Benjamin Bratt was fantastic!

As with anything Ben Bratt-related, I’m always concerned about how the reviews will be, because there are a lot of people out there (Tom Shales, I’m looking at you) who don’t like him.  Well, if the reaction on the Television Without Pity forum is any indication, he was a smash hit.  The fans there loved the episode, many saying it was the best one to date.  And they loved Ben’s portrayal of Javier, Manny’s father and Gloria’s ex.  And so did I.  (Shocking, I know.)  And I loved him even more on repeat viewings.

Javier and the lobsters he bought with his bare hands

“Did you catch them with your bare hands?” “No. I bought them with my bare hands!”

Our impression of Javier to date has been, from Gloria’s descriptions, some kind of a larger-than-life super man; all negated by being Manny’s no-show dad.  And he truly was larger than life.  From his huge grin and open arms upon first appearing (with a [possibly stolen] speed boat in tow), to disarming and charming Jay, to throwing a few baseballs around Dodger Stadium at 2 a.m.  But we all knew what was coming as soon as he’d made plans for drinks with Jay.  (And I loved how Manny was the one to comfort Jay with the no-show.)

What a great role it was for Ben Bratt.  The actor himself is very charming himself, and a bit larger than life for us long-time fans.  He gave Javier some wonderful little moments; his wincing when Jay said he “used to,” and his glance down at Manny just before the stadium lights came on (which I’m sure came from being a devoted father himself).

I still have the episode on my DVR, where it will most likely stay until the it’s repeated this summer.

And can I just add that Mitchell and Cameron rock my world.


5 responses to “A week & a half later…

  1. I don’t find it surprising that there are people who tend to praise or bash actors (directors, authors, etc.) no matter what, merely out of prejudice. Well, I guess it is natural not to have the same perspective towards people we like and people we don’t like; I admit that I myself am not as strict with actor I like than with actors I don’t like.

    Anyway, I agree with your assessment of “Up All Night” and I noticed it, too, that the episode was generally well-liked. BTW, it is also the episode that had the highest numbers of viewers for “Modern Family” since when the series premiered.

    I only wish Benjamin/Javier will be back in other episodes in the future.

    • the episode that had the highest numbers of viewers for “Modern Family” since when the series premiered.

      Great news! That had to be because of Benjamin, with the way they advertised it. (At least that’s what I’m going to believe.)

      And who knows. Since he was a hit, it’s just possible he will be back, although it may be quite a while before he does. I’m ok with that. 😉

  2. Ah, I think we can say that Benjamin is to be thanked for the success of “Up All Night.” His appearance has certainly prompted a lot of advertising for the episode.

    We won’t surely be seeing Benjamin in every episode, but it would be good if he showed up every now and then in “Modern Family”.

  3. I like the show in general and really liked this episode in particular. I was wondering when we’d see Manny’s father, and Bratt fit the bill nicely. And yes, it was a nice touch that Manny’s the one who, despite his age, is the one who pats Jay when Javier lets him down. And Jay should know better.

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