Quick Takes

In an effort to post more frequently, I’m going to try out a new feature I call “Quick Takes.”

Oftentimes, I’ll start to write a review, but have difficulty saying exactly what I want to say.  I’ll work on it for a couple weeks, and by then, it’s… well, it’s 2 weeks old.  I also hesitate to write reviews immediately because sometimes my thought on a particular episode will change, either upon second viewing or  over time as I’ve thought about it.

Quick Takes will be an attempt to give you my first impressions of an episode.   They most likely won’t be deep thoughts, and they certainly won’t be long, but hopefully they’ll be regular.   They’ll be similar to “insta-reactions” on some LiveJournal blogs, but they won’t be quite as “instant.”  Look for Quick Takes to appear the day following an episode.  Or, in the case of Legend of the Seeker, possibly two days later.  (Or, in the case of the first one, 3 days later.)

In the meantime, VOTE!  =================================>


One response to “Quick Takes

  1. I can relate to your difficulty writing a review because I find it hard, too, to write reviews quickly. After watching a TV series episode/movie or reading a book, what I can usually come up with at first is just a jumble of disjointed thoughts and it takes some time for me to sort them out and give them an order and a sense, so that I can call them a review, which is okay if it is a movie you deal with, not so much so if it is a series that is “airing.”

    So, I like the idea of providing a quick take on a series episodes soon after they aired and possibly posting a more detailed review later.

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