Legend of the Seeker redux

Remember when I said I was a bit underwhelmed with season 2 of Legend of the Seeker?  And that it’d taken me a few episodes to warm up to it during season 1?  Guess what?  It’s happened again!

Yep, Legend of the Seeker came back from it’s winter hiatus with a vengeance.  Well, maybe not vengeance; more like loud voice?  Granted, it’s not award-winning tv, but it is entertaining tv, and I’ve enjoyed all three of the episodes that have aired since the break.

First there was “Resurrection” with the return of Denna.  And Denee.  (Man, don’t get those two mixed up!)  With Gina Holden as a guest star.  Nice to see a guest star I’ve heard of.

With “Light,” they began to introduce characters and events the second of the Sword of Truth books.   I wondered how the second season would address Stone of Tears, since Richard and Kahlan were apart for most of it.  If tv Richard & Kahlan were going to be apart most of the seaon, I wondered if my interest in the series would lag.  I guess with the addition of Cara, the introduction of Sister Verna (my favorite character from Stone of Tears)  and the return of Denna, the separation has been bearable.  (Plus, it hasn’t been the entire season.)

Which brings us to “Dark.”  Naming a new Seeker was not something I saw coming!  Since I haven’t read beyond Stone of Tears, I don’t know if this is something that happens in a later book.  But it certainly is an interesting twist.  And Leo’s ttempts to get Cara to lighten up are sweetly enjoyable.  Of course, we all know what’s going to happen to Leo eventually, right?  Then again, maybe the writers will surprise us.  They’ve been known to do it before.


2 responses to “Legend of the Seeker redux

  1. I’ve read all the novels, and, no, there was never a ‘second seeker’ named. There was (much later in the series) a madman that was a previous Sword of Truth wielder now ‘controlled’ by Shota (He is introduced in “Chainfire”). This “Imposter to the Sword” as I tend to call him is probably the ‘rewrite’ by the series writers to ‘intro’ Samuel (giving him a different name as well). I did notice that Shota was ‘behind’ him becoming the ‘new’ Sword of Truth wielder (in Richard’s absence). That’s very different than how the book(s) presented Samuel (this new guy seems sane for one!) That’s what I know and now you know!

    Zenny, Dagger of Desire (lol)

    • I remember Samuel, so he much have been in Stone of Tears, too. He was kind of a shriveled guy who followed Shota around. Well, with this series, it’s hard to say what they’ll take from the books and what they’ll change. But I’m not complaining. At least I never know what to expect.

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