Ah, Caprica

I don’t think you’ll be seeing it on my “what I watch” page.  Maybe.

I never could get into Battlestar Galactica, even though some of my friends absolutely loved it.  For me, it was way too depressing.  How could a rag-tag scrap of survivors hold up against an enemy of more advanced and nearly indestructible robots?  Sorry, Cybernetic life-form Nodes.  It didn’t help that idiot hangnails of society never got their comeuppance.  I’d try to watch every now and again, especially when it got so many, many rave reviews.  But all it did for me was cause a pit to form in my stomach.

I thought Caprica might be different, less dark.  And I like Esai Morales and Eric Stoltz.  So I decided to give it a try.  But the same darkness, the since of doom, is there.  What with crazy Dr. Graystone, the Tauron mafia, and the Zoe prototype killing all those poor innocent mobile bowling pins, it was depressing.

Couple that with the heavy-handed religious overtones, it’s all just too much.   I  get the feeling someone is trying to preach some sort of deep religious message.  And that’s not why I watch tv.

And yet, I found myself watching the second installment, “Rebirth,” Friday night.  I’m not sure I like it any better, but I can see why people are drawn to the characters.  For me, the most interesting one (at the moment) is Sister Clarice Willow.  Well, after Serge.  (I think Serge should have his own show.  Something like  Benson, a show from many ages ago, where Robert Guillaume starred as the butler to some governor.)

For someone like me, who’s not too up on BSG lore, the plot was easy to follow.  Sure, I missed some of those references to things that had been mentioned in BSG, like the game of pyramid, the allure of Gemenon, discrimination of Taurons, not to mention William Adama’s background, but it didn’t interfere with understanding the show.

Would it have made any difference if I’d been up to speed on the BSG background.  Sure.  But to be up on the background, one had to like BSG show enough to watch it. So it’s kind of a catch-22 thing.

I’m not saying a complete “no” to the series.  I might still watch it.  Come Friday, I might find myself drawn to it again.  And who knows, perhaps at some point I’ll totally fall in love with it.  (But don’t bet your paycheck on it.)


One response to “Ah, Caprica

  1. We bought the dvd of Caprica when it first came out, so we haven’t watched the new episodes yet. Not panting to do it, but the appreciation may form once we actually watch them.

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