Supernatural March Madness: Round 1

Supernatural March Madness, Games 1-8

Finally!  Sorry for the delay, but work is a March Madness all it’s own.

Let’s get down the real reason your here.

The preliminary votes have been tallied and the top episodes have been seeded.  I was originally going to go with only 32 episodes (more manageabe), but when I counted the episodes, there were way too many good episodes not included.  So, just like the NCAA version of March Madness, we have 64 seeds.  This year I didn’t place them into divisions (because I couldn’t think of any clever names for them), so we’ll  be slogging through the first round for awhile.  But that just makes the fun last longer, right?

You can take a look at all 64 episodes at once in the brackets.

Enough explanation.  Let’s get to thel fun!

You know the drill!  (Or, in case you don’t, vote for your favorite episode in each game.)


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