Here’s a first—SG: Universe made me cry.  Aw.

I really enjoyed this episode, but then I’m a sucker for love.  I knew I’d seen “Amanda Perry” before but couldn’t place her.  Then I saw the actress was Kathleen Munroe.  She played the desperate mother of a changeling in the Supernatural episode “The Kids Are Alright” and was superb.  I’ll get to her storyline in a moment.  First let me digress…

I love Camile and Sharon.  I like that the show has a lesbian couple, but it’s not a big deal.  While it’s part of Camile’s character, it’s never an issue and almost never discussed until Camile returns home. Of course, this time ’round, it was all the more poignant with Camille being in the body of a quadriplegic.

Poor Lt. James.  Lots of fans have been wishing she had a bigger role, and this episode gave it to her.  Too bad her freak-out was what caused the sabotage.  But in her defense, she did come forward and own up to it.  Time will tell if they make her a constant bumbler, or give her more character.  I think she has had a couple of good moments, recommending to Rush on planet to split up the teams (although I don’t remember what for), and the attempted rescue of the “3 stooges” plus Greer.

Of course, the star of the episode was Amanda Perry and her attraction to Rush.  Her delight at her mobility—feeding herself, running with the crew—was so wonderful it sparkled.  And the scene where she wanted to take advantage of her body to love Rush, and in the end simply giving him the hug she couldn’t when his wife died.  Yep, that was the tear point.  Like I said, I’m a sucker for love.

The immediate change in Rush’s personality when Camile returned was telling.  They’ve pointed to the complexity of his character before, but this gave us a direct comparison and it was fascinating.

The door is open for Amanda to return again, and I hope she does.  Kathleen Munroe is so good, and the possible story-lines are just too great to pass up.


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