Supernatural’s “Swan Song”

In a week of good episodes, with nearly all the shows building towards a season (and possibly series) finale, I would be remiss if I didn’t single out Supernatural.  Not just because it’s my favorite tv show, but because “Swan Song” was not only the season finale, it was the climax to a five-year story arc; and indeed, creator Eric Kripke’s personal swan song.

Dean and Sam in Swan Song

“Swan Song” featured Dean’s eyelashes and Sam’s furrowed brow.

When you have a show as consistently good as Supernatural, and the ending of a 5-year saga of two young men caught in the middle of a battle between heaven and hell (not to mention destiny vs. free will), anticipation is bound to run high.  And the odds of falling short of expectations are great.

I can’t say that “Swan Song” disappointed, but then I didn’t have grand expectations either.  In the past couple months, my passion for the show has been waning.  Perhaps it’s because I was growing tired of the apocalypse and just wanted it over.  Or perhaps it’s because I know Eric Kripke’s involvement with the show is ending and I worry the show may have outlived its time.  Or it may be that my real life is interfering.

I’ve watched the episode three times now.  While I wasn’t necessarily moved to tears, I was moved.  I nearly jumped out of my skin when Castiel exploded and Bobby’s neck snapped.   And watching Dean become part of a family, knowing Sam was gone forever, was incredibly sorrowful.  In that respect, I could see Sandy’s desire to completely rid herself of her attachment to the series.

Suzanne loved the episode.  Well, loved it from the standpoint that it pulled her in, hugged her tight, and ripped her heart out.  I’ll be eagerly awaiting her write-up at Damsel Undistressed.  (Although I see she’s a couple episodes behind the curve.  That’s ok.  I understand.  It’s not like I’m timely or anything.) 🙂

Natalie, too, loved the episode.  I first “met” Natalie when she loved an episode I didn’t care for.  “Heart” I believe.  (Well, that and the adorable kitty in her LJ user pic.)  One of the things that pleases me greatly about this show is how happy I am when I find people who loved an episode I didn’t care for.  Not that I “didn’t care for” this episode.  I did like it.  It just probably won’t be rank up there with my favorites.

Like just about everyone, I loved how the Impala, and the boys’ emotional connection with her, framed the episode.  She is, after all, the third character.  (Yes, even above Castiel, in my book.)

So, how do I interpret the ending, with Sam watching Dean in his new life with Lisa and Ben?  Is it Sam?  Is it Lucifer?  If it’s only Sam, why did the streetlight explode?  I can answer all these questions.  It is Sam.  Because if God could put Castiel back together (again), and via Cass, heal Dean’s broken face and Bobby’s broken neck (not to mention keep him out of the wheelchair), why couldn’t he extract Sam from Lucifer’s cage?  All it would cost is one exploding streetlight.


3 responses to “Supernatural’s “Swan Song”

  1. I’ve had a horrible time keeping up since the last hiatus ended. Busy, busy, busy. I do have both write-ups for the last two episodes started, though.

    I knew you’d like the Impala’s story; you’re a bigger Impala-girl than a Sam-girl. ;D

    And hey, Sam’s eyelashes got their own closeup this time around!

  2. I only said I’d cut myself loose from the series if this had in fact been the final episode ever. I didn’t want the show to end permanently with Sam in hell, which is how it would have ended if there weren’t a season 6. Since there is a season 6 and I know Jared has a contract for it, I’m far less enraged than I would have been otherwise.

    There were definitely things about this episode I liked and others not so much, but I don’t think I disliked the episode as much as people seem to think I do.

  3. I think the only logical explanation is that it’s Sam, but the other possibilities keep it interesting (I think it’s more likely Michael than Lucifer, though someone mentioned that Lucifer taught Gabriel his Trickster tricks and maybe it wasn’t him going into the pit, but that seems overly complicated).

    I will confess that my passion is waning, but I think it’s just because that’s the nature of passion. After five years, it has become a deeper, more settled love. 🙂 I still tend to ignore or rationalize away the flaws, though. 🙂

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