Warehouse 13: Season 4

[From now on, abbreviated W13. Just because I’m lazy.]

I’m not a big fan of this show.  I like it, but apparently not enough to watch it live or soon after it airs. For example, I finally watched the Sep 17th episode, “Second Chance” last night.  (Only 5 days late.)  And yet, I tend to enjoy most of the episodes (to varying degrees).  With “Second Chance” I actually enjoyed the B Team (Claudia and Steve) more than Pete and Myka.  Probably because their “investigation” was much more personal and poignant.  And Laura Innes (from ER) played Steve’s mother.  Good casting!

Brent Spiner as Brother Adrian

Brent Spiner plays Artie’s nemesis Brother Adrian on Warehouse 13

What I like about this year:

  • Brent Spiner! Without being a caricature!  Warehouse 13’s best villain since Roger Rees (whom I still miss).
  • Joanne Kelly’s curly hair. I found her straight locks distracting last year.
  • Genelle Williams (Leena) seems to be getting more screen time.

What I’m not crazy about:

  • The return of H.G. Wells.  Probably because I don’t like Jaime Murray.  I first saw her (and her breasts) on Dexter. I disliked the character so much, I’ve probably transferred it to the actor. Plus, I just don’t trust H.G.
  • Pete’s become a buffoon. Ok, he always was one, but now it seems we have to be reminded of it several times per episode.  Plus, I don’t find him sexy enough to warrant all the shirtless scenes this year.
  • I hated Claudia’s obsession with bringing Steve back to life so much that I had to fast-forward through the metronome scene. However, the pay off in “Second Chance” was quite rewarding (even if Aaron Ashmore can’t cry real tears).  But I’m a sap like that.

I’m wondering if the Claudia/Steve pairing is upstaging Pete and Myka.  I’m not feeling the hint of attraction between Pet and Myka that I did in the first 2 seasons.    Since Claudia and Steve aren’t a romantic couple, could the show survive two platonic couples?   Well, the Law & Order franchise thrived with it, so it might work.


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