W13: Did not see that coming!

Warehouse 13:  The Ones You Love
Mrs Fredrick and Leena

CCH Pounder and Genelle Williams and Warehouse 13’s Mrs Fredrick (no first name) and Leena (no last name?)

The proverbial “they” say one is entertained not only when the story takes a surprising turn, but also when you predict the outcome. For the most part, I agree.  I usually enjoy an unexpected plot twist; but am equally pleased when I predict it (probably because I think I’m so smart).  That’s not to say it’s 100% accurate—it depends on how good the plot is.  But for the most part, it works.  That said:


No wonder Brother Adrian couldn’t kill Artie.  Is Artie possessed by someone?  Or is someone using Harriet Tubman’s thimble?  Or has Artie gone insane?  Is Artie the “terrible evil” that’s been unleashed by using the Astrolabe?  In Artie’s vision of a knife-wielding Claudia, is she actually trying to save the world from this terrible evil?

Elsewhere, just in time to validate (or screw with) my season 4 synopsis, we get Myka’s sister taunting her about her hair (“Curly or straight.  Make up your mind!”).  Turns out I wasn’t the only one who preferred the curly hair.  It’s also been discussed at Television Without Pity.  As has Pete’s numerous shirtless  scenes.  (And not in a good way.)

But worst of all:  Leena.  Just when I thought they were fleshing out the character, poof.  Perhaps I should have realized something ominous was coming.

Some folks foresaw at least part of the episode’s twist.  Others, like me, did not.  And yet both camps enjoyed the episode.  Thus further validating my initial hypothesis.  😉

Where do you stand?


4 responses to “W13: Did not see that coming!

  1. I firmly believe the writers did not develop Genelle Williams ‘s character to make her dispensable. This was so disappointing. I am not watching it for a while in protest.

    • I don’t blame you! And I agree, they hadn’t developed her character enough. I was shocked and sad to see her killed. 😦

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