Dragons: Alvin!

[I was going to shorten the title DreamWorks Dragons: Riders of Berk to just Riders of Berk, but last night’s episode introduced the series simply as Dragons (as in “Previously on Dragons”).  Hey!  That’s even shorter! 😀 ]

I mentioned elsewhere my excitement of Alvin being introduced to the series, so I was looking forward to “Alvin and the Outcasts.”  Alvin plays a predominant role in the books, and I was delighted to find out he’d be on the series. And even more delighted that he’d be voiced by Mark Hamill.  As with Fishlegs, Alvin is a tad heftier on tv, but he’s still a force to be reckoned with.

Although not my favorite episode (probably because there was minimal Toothless), there was still plenty to endear it to me.  For one, Stoick’s concern for Hiccup:  Stoick has indeed become proud of Hiccup, and the series does a wonderful job of showing his attempts to be a good father.  For another, Fishlegs:  I adore Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and the series has given him some great scenes.  This episode provided us with a delightful girly scream, among other things.  And thirdly, we see a glimpse of the leader Hiccup will become.  His words to Mildew, “I will never forget,” delivered with such confidence and conviction, show us that Hiccup will be a good chief to the Hooligans.

But seriously? Alvin was voiced by Mark Hamill??  Gosh, he didn’t sound at all like Luke Skywalker.  Then again, isn’t creating another persona part of an actor’s job?  If anything, I respect him more as a (voice) actor for being unrecognizable.

Best of all, it appears that Alvin will be back.


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