Supernatural season 8 begins!

Sam and Dean hug it out on Supernatural

The biannual Supernatural hug

And with a bang.  Well, not literally.  But “We Need to Talk About Kevin” was probably the best season opener since season 4, when Dean mysteriously returned from hell.  Interesting that this year he mysteriously returns from purgatory.

I’m a little nostalgic.  I went looking for thoughts from former SciFi Chicks and found a mixed bag.  Suzanne liked it (for the most part), Sandy didn’t.  Sadder still, other chicks have stopped posting, the Supernatural Sisters have disbanded, and I’ve lost track of Natalie.  It makes me 😦 .

So,  about the season 8 premiere.  For  a semi-rehash of the season 4 opener (which worried me), it was quite good, and more original than expected.  Dean is on edge, rather than confused.  Sam is shacked up with a vet and a dog instead of demon.  So that’s an improvement.

There is tension in the air.  You can definitely sense Sam’s reluctance to hunt.  But Sam has always longed for the “normal” life, except when he was hell-bent on destroying Lilith.  Dean is pissed that Sam didn’t look for him.  Truthfully, I don’t blame Sam.  This is the second time Sam’s lost Dean, and this year he lost Bobby, too.  I can understand him seeking normal.  Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Why should Sam continue to hunt when he’s lost everyone he loves?

Dean has often lamented about the hunting life he’s been dealt.  “Why do we have to save everyone?  Why can’t we be happy?” he cries(literally) at his father’s grave in “What Is and What Should Never Be” (season 2).  Yet hunting is the only thing Dean knows.  He’s lost without it.  Which is probably why he survived a year in purgatory.

There’s definitely much more to the story than we’ve been given so far; certainly more to Dean’s (and Castiel’s) time in purgatory, but also more to Sam than just quitting “the life.”  These stories, their answers, and how the characters deal with the changes are why I’m looking forward to this season.

On a sidenote, Ty Olsson is back, playing another vampire, this time named Benny, who’s apparently from Louisiana.  (Jen wonders if he’s escaped from Bon Temps.  :D)  I note this because as vampire Eli, he delivered one of the best lines ever (which I have repeated numerous times  since). Asked “How’s it going?” he replies: “Livin’ the dream.”


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