Catching up, part 1

(A quick and dirty look at 3 new series since I’m way behind.)

I have a problem.  I don’t like shows which present insurmountable odds, i.e., a vastly superior, seemingly unbeatable foe.  It’s one of the reasons I couldn’t watch Battlestar Galactica.  No matter how much progress the humans made, the Cylons were always a threat.  I know it makes for good drama, but it makes me edgy and uncomfortable.  I don’t watch television to be uncomfortable.

To varying degrees, that’s what Revolution, 666 Park Avenue, and Last Resort do.


I have a soft spot for creator Eric Kripke since he also created my once beloved Supernatural.   Like Supernatural, this show is about, first and foremost, family.  But that’s where the similarities end.

I could probably overlook Revolution‘s numerous plot holes if the characters were more interesting.  Charlie whining about how her brother is her responsibility (though Danny has shown us he can be pretty clever), and her constant  bickering with Miles is getting tiresome.

Right now, the most compelling characters are Danny and Aaron, who are relegated to the B and C story lines.  Which is crazy because Aaron’s scenario has the best potential  for long-term consequences.

Will I continue to watch?  I’ll give it a few more episodes.  Unless they can make the lead characters more interesting, I’ll probably call it quits.

666 Park Avenue

The pilot was only so-so, but pilots are generally exposition and are not necessarily reflective of the series.  The second episode was more promising with not one, but two interesting twists.  Henry didn’t leak his “insider” information to Gavin, who actually commended him for it.  The reason for the Doran’s interest in Henry continues to be a mystery, hopefully a good one.

And while Danielle’ desperate search for love (or at least a dinner & bedroom companion) was annoyingly cliche, it’s conclusion was pleasantly unexpected.

The downside is Jane, the heroine  For a supposedly smart woman, she does a lot of stupid things,  Why does she insist on strolling through the basement in the middle of the night, especially when she’s had nightmares about it?  (Or has she??)

Will I continue to watch?  Again, not sure.  They’ll need to change the focus of the show from Jane, or at least make her more appealing.

Last Resort

As a Navy officer veteran, I get distracted with all its inconsistencies.  The worst is the Chief of the Boat (COB) played by Robert Patrick.  (Somehow I knew from the start he was going to be a main antagonist.)  Knowing something about the chain of command, and having enormous respect for  Master Chiefs in general, it’s bothersome.

Navy spouses are not governed by the laws of the military (the Uniform Code of Military Justice), nor are the privy to classified information, both of which were totally disregarded in the second episode’s treatment of the XO’s wife.  Plus (again ), she’s boring.

On the other hand, I love a good depiction of leadership, loyalty and camaraderie.  We have it in spades (at least for now) with the CO and XO.  And surprisingly, I’m finding the young female officer intriguing.  There’s certainly more to her than just being an admiral’s daughter.  But then, there usually is.

Will I continue to watch?  Another maybe.  I love Andre Braugher and Bruce Davidson; but they have the daunting task of overcoming the show’s shortcomings.


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