Catching up, part 2

(Another quick and dirty look, this time at 3 not-so-new shows.)

This week’s look is at Warehouse 13, Grimm, and Once Upon a Time.  Hopefully, once I’m caught up (in an ideal universe) I’ll be able to address each of them separately.

Warehouse 13

Since “We All Fall Down” was the season (or mid-season?) finale, it probably deserves its own post.  Except that it was kind of unremarkable, or at least unmemorable.  Upon rewatching, I realized why it was unmemorable.  What with Evil Artie, the “IRS” Holy Roman Empire, Warehouse 8, the Chinese Orchid, the stone bridge, German caretakers, the dagger and its relationship to the orchid, and traveling through so many countries, my brain fried.

And then there’s the ending.  I hate cliffhangers, but have come to expect it of this show, so it was no surprise.  So once again, the fate of the world is at stake, with the sweating virus sweeping over the earth in the form of early Supernatural demon dust.  Not to mention Artie being stabbed.  Sadly, I’m not sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see how the everything works out.


The series has made some some nice changes this year.  Now that Hank knows about Nick’s ability, we’re getting some great scenes of Nick and Monroe explaining the Wessen world to him.  Not to mention Hank’s kid-in-the-candy-store excitement over the weapons closet in Nick’s trailer (affectionate dubbed the “Grimmebago”).

I’m also delighted that Bree Turner has been added as a regular cast member.  Not only does she have the kind of face that draws you in (as does Bitsie Tullock), she adds a nice dimension to the show.  Monroe now has a Wessen friend to play with, and the Spice Shop provides a new addition to the scenery.

What I’m not thrilled about is Juliette’s amnesia storyline. Worse was the big ol FAKE OUT at the beginning of “The Bottle Imp.”  After teasing us for two weeks that Juliette finally remembered Nick, it turns out it was only a dream.  Not cool, show!

Once Upon a Time

Let’s start with a disclaimer:  OUaT  currently airs at the same time as PBS’s Call the Midwife, which, because of its nostalgia, sweetness, subject matter (birthin’ babies), and interesting characters, takes precedence in this household.  Then, at 9 p.m, it’s time for Revenge and 666 Park Avenue, so OUaT viewing gets relegated to sometime later in the week.

But after “The Lady of the Lake,” I may have to make this show more of a priority.  Probably one of the best episodes to date (including season 1), it had enormous heart, with the added bonus of the adventures of the “Four Muskateerettes.”  I love kick-ass Snow White (as I did last season), and it was such a pleasant surprise to see her out-kick-ass Emma.  In Storybrooke, Mary Margaret was so sweet and mild mannered, and Emma so hardened, it was hard to imagine the mother/daughter connection.  But their juxtaposition in Fairy Tale Land came just in time to see a real relationship forming.  Mary Margaret/Snow was competent and resourceful, and Emma, for possibly the first time ever, was vulnerable.

The flash-back story was equally satisfying.  We got to see Charming’s mother again (something I’d hoped for since last season), Snow and Charming married, and Lancelot entered the scene.  And while I thought the actor was somewhat wooden, I was disappointed that we won’t likely be seeing him again.

I doubt next week’s episode will live up to this one, but I’m always up for a surprise.

Your thoughts?


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