No more Revolution

I give Revolution 1 star.  It's terrible.I won’t be watching Revolution any more.  There’s so much that’s bad with the series, and especially this week’s episode, “Soul Train” (what a stupid title, but this is Eric Kripke, who’s know to title episodes after songs and other pop culture references), I can’t even begin to list all the things that annoy me.

Charlie and Miles from Revolution

Charlie (Tracy Spiridakus) and Miles (Billy Burke), the Bickering Mathesons

As it is, I was barely watching anyway, what with fast-forwarding through any scenes of Charlie, because 1) the character is so whiny and 2) the actress is horrible.  Any scenes of the “wandering Bickersons” are equal fast-forward fodder. At any given time, two, or three, or four of them are bitching about something.  This might be ok, except the arguments are so contrived, and worse, they’re always about the same thing.

Sadly, now that Aaron is back with the wandering herd, the promising story of figuring out how the magical amulet works is kaput.

The crap with Danny and Neville is just as tiresome.  Every week, Danny escapes, only to be caught again, usually within the next two minutes.

I had hopes that Captain Neville would be an multi-faceted character, but it appears he’s nothing but a sadistic bully.  Even his back story of the mild mannered insurance agent can’t redeem him after senselessly beating Danny to a pulp.  (It’s also fantastic that within the span of one scene, Danny’s supposed bleeding and broken nose was bruise-free.  This must be a trait he inherited from his mother, who looked as calm and lovely as ever immediately after having been tortured last week.)

The only thing remotely interesting is what happened to Grace and who is Russell; but not interesting enough to sit through all the other crap .

It boggles my mind that this show is a hit.


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