Supernatural S08, E04


"Bitten" gets 3 starsEvery season Supernatural has at least one-out-of-the-ordinary episode, i.e., it doesn’t follow the prescribed format.  “Bitten” was one of them.  Like “Ghostfacers” from a few seasons back, “Bitten” was told from the perspective of three college students via video recorder and web cam.  It gave us an outsider’s view of the Winchesters and the world of monsters, and relegated Sam and Dean to supporting ancillary characters.  (I don’t begrudge the minimal Sam and Dean presence.  I’m sure Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki enjoyed the lighter schedule.)

Sam toes a bloody corpse

Bloody corpse? Yep. Must be Supernatural.

“Ghostfacers” was played for laughs (dealing however poorly with the untimely death of one of the colleagues).  While “Bitten” had its share of chuckles (likening Sam and Dean to “Starsky and Hutch” and even “Rizzoli and Isles”), it was much darker and felt less focused. This is probably because we had to spend some time getting to know the narrators.  (We had already met the two main Ghostfacers in the enjoyable “Hell House” from season 1.)   The consequences of “Bitten” were much steeper.  One character changed from a happy-go-lucky goofball to a brooding, frightened young man; another from timid nerd to jealous asshole, and the third… Well, she became something the Winchesters hunt.

“Bitten” wasn’t a bad episode, it just felt unsettling.  Maybe that’s the feeling the Supernatural was going for.  We started with three very normal college students who’d never believed in monsters or werewolves before, and ended up with one bloody mess.

When the truck dropped Kate off and she headed down the railroad tracks, did anyone else think of Meg?  Or was it just me and Kate/Meg’s short, blond hair?


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