Last Resort; S01, E05

Skeleton Crew

"Skeleton Crew" gets 5 stars!That?  Was awesome!

I watched the show as usual, a day late with lots of fast-forwarding; only to have to go back and watch the whole thing again in its entirety.  This episode had some rip-roaring, shoot-em-up suspense, great character studies, and plenty of pleasant surprises.

Last Resort has so many characters and story lines, it’s hard to know where to start.  But we’ll start back in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Defense contractor extraordinaire Kylie Sinclair meets up with Christine Kendall, the XO’s wife, and the two are better than the sum of their parts.  Thus, two somewhat uninteresting characters become dynamic.  Even better, Christine is not as dumb as she looks has been portrayed.  She’s fully aware the lawyer pal is working for the bad government guys.

Kendal and Chaplin in their Summer Whites

We are not ice cream men!

On the island, Chaplin and Kendal prepare for a meeting/negotiation with the Secretary of Defense (SecDef), all dressed up in their Summer Whites.  Kendal even makes the classic “I look like an ice cream man” crack, although the “ice cream man” uniform is the Service Dress Whites,  But who’s quibbling?  It’s more important the island seems to be running out of coffee.  Sam declines an offer from Frenchwoman/NATO employee Sophie Girard, which is very smart, because coffee and Summer Whites do not  mix well.  (I know this from first hand experience.)

The dynamic between Chaplin and Kendal is once again impressive as they meet with SecDef,  For some reason, the white uniform draws attention to Scott Speedman’s face, and we’re drawn into the full range of Kendal’s emotions. Andre Braugher, best known for his ability to orate, also shows us much with just his face.  The verbal and nonverbal interaction between these two, their respect for each other, is magnificent.

LT Grace Shepard gets a chance to prove herself, and boy does she!  The tension between Grace and the Chief of the Boat (COB) has been one of the more painful scenarios for me.  Fortunately, the COB has been toned down in recent episodes (perhaps because Robert Patrick deserves better), and in this one, he’s actually likeable, and behaves much more (although not completely) like a Master Chief.  Grace handles his taunts quite well, ignoring him at times, asserting herself at others; and in the end, wins his respect.

Admiral Arthur Shepard hits the ground

Admiral Shepard (Bruce Davison) and a boat load of… Marines?

I’m not sure she wins James King’s (the “mopey SEAL”) respect, though.

Other quick thoughts:

Admiral Shepard’s swell of pride when Kendal tells him Grace has turned into a fine officer.  Aww.

Shepard’s aside to Chaplin let’s us know not everyone thinks he’s a traitor.  Some of the Big Brass know there’s something’s fishy going on.

The U.S. appears to be in turmoil, not just over the Colorado.  Allies are condemning us, apparently we’re trying to reshape (take over?) the world, and gas is $8.00/gallon

Best lines:

  • Sophie’s NATO coworker:  We seem to have a bit of a catastrophic problem.  (Sees Sophie’s coffee cup.)  I thought you said we were out of coffee.
  • Sophie:  Duvall is French.
    COBYou take that back.
  • Grace:  How did you ever stay married?
    COB:  Stayed deployed.

One last thing.  Daniel Lissing (mopey SEAL) is so damn pretty, it hurts my eyes.


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