A Grimm Halloween

La Llorona

La Llorona gets 4 stars


La Llorona

La Llorona—an unusually creepy baddie for Grimm

This was the second missing child episode I watched this week, and it was almost unbearable.  On Private Practice a young girl disappeared from the emergency room, and the grief and fear of her parents was heartbreaking.  I had the same overwhelming sense of panic here, as the father emerged from the water to see his son being taken away.  Interestingly, Supernatural‘s pilot episode featured the Weeping Woman (combined with the U.S. urban legend of the ghostly hitchhiker).  If Grimm was going for spooky here, they certainly achieved it.

Grimm doesn’t usually  deal with the supernatural (Wessen are corporal, after all), so I wondered how the “La Lorona” would play out.  In the end, it was like nothing Grimm has done before. But it was a fine, sufficiently eerie outing for Halloween.

Monroe readies for Halloween

Monroe gets ready to scare some Trick or Treaters

I’m not a big fan of Halloween, but I know there are those who are, including the Simpsons and the Modern Family folks.  Monroe out-Halloweened them all!  I can’t believe Nick, as a police officer, would allow a flail to be not only displayed, but articulated in the presence of children.  Not that Monroe is irresponsible.  He did, after all, keep a close eye on the kiddos.

Grimm Trick or Treaters

Speaking of kiddos, a small example of the fabulous Halloween costumes for Grimm’s Trick or Treaters. These 3? More Trick than Treat

Thankfully, the Juliette/Renard fixation thing was downplayed, although I do like Juliette and wish the show would do more with her.  I wish she had been more open to the Latina “psychic’s” visions, but it’s keeping with her character.  When Nick told her about his “gift” last year, she thought he was nuts.  Perhaps the fascination with Renard will eventually open her eyes to the Wessen world and Nick’s destiny.  And hey, she’s a veterinarian.  Perhaps she’s uniquely qualified to provide medical care for Wesson.


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