Blame it on Sandy

Excuses, excuses!  I’m trying to get caught up.  Honestly, I am!  🙂  Please be patient.   I know I have two Sunday night shows to get to, but 1) I haven’t watched them yet (I got sidetracked last night) and 2) I may lose power at any time because of Sandy.  I’ll try to get the Grimm Halloween episode review up later today, pending power availability.  (Even though all my toys are charged, the router still depends on electricity.  😦 )

In the meantime, here’s a little eye-candy to hold you over.

Remember my comment about Daniel Lissing (emoSEAL James King from Last Resort)?  I figured out why I find him so attractive.  It’s the eyelashes.  He even beats out Jensen Ackles, whose eyelashes are legendary.  (Rosie Perez once asked if he curls them!)  Lissing’s bottom lashes are so long, I wonder if he curls them, too.

Why is such beauty wasted on men?

Jensen Ackles and eyelashes

Jensen Ackles in a scene from Supernatural. Notice the lush eyelashes.

Daniel Lissing and eyelashes

Danial Lissing in a scene from Last Resort.  Ignore the sneer (he’s emo, after all) and concentrate on the eyelashes.


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