Once Upon a Time; it’s Halloween!

The Doctor

4 stars for "The Doctor"Yay!  The Four Musketeerettes are back, along Captain Hook and his eyeliner.  Daniel returns, sort of, and the long-awaited, much anticipated back story of Dr. Whale is revealed.  Turns out the name “Whale” is a big ol’ FAKE OUT.   (But not his first name.)

Once Upon a Time's 4 Muskateerettes

The Four Muskateerettes: Emma, Mulan, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), and Snow White/Mary Margaret come upon carnage

The Musteteerettes find Captain Hook (whose working with Cora) as the lone survivor in the rubble of a village devastated by hurricane Sandy Cora.  Fortunately, Emma and Snow find this highly suspicious, Emma getting her sort of magical internal lie detector working again.  (Emma’s adapting to Fairly Tale Land.  You’ll recall in her last outing, she was pretty inept.)  Once they get the truth out of Hook, they continue their search for a way back to Storybrooke and end up in a field with the Beanstalk from Jack and the Beanstalk.  (More Beanstalk is promised for next week.)

In Storybrook, Regina is trying to refrain from using magic (at Henry’s request).  But it’s been two days and she’s going through withdrawal.  Who knew using magic is like a drug addiction?

The happenings in Storybrooke sort of mirror those in Fairy Tale Land of Yore (FTLY), and it all seems to revolve around Regina’s lost love, Daniel the stable boy.   In FTLY, she wants to bring Daniel back from the dead.  Magic can’t do that, but Rumpelstiltskin and the Mad Hatter know a wizard from beyond  Fairy Tale Land who might be able to help.  It’s Dr. Whale’s alternate identity!  He fails with Daniel, but it was all a ruse with Rumpy and Hatter anyway.  He just wanted the magical glowing heart to perform his own magic, the magic of… (wait for it)… science.  Yes, Victor Whale is really Viktor Frankenstein!

In Storybrooke, Dr. Whale does bring Daniel back to life, but just like the Frankenstein reanimation (Dr. Frank/Whale’s as yet unseen brother), Daniel is not himself.  He’s a monster, and rips off Whale’s arm to thank him for bringing him back to life.  He then heads for the stables (being, you remember, a stable boy).

Turns out Henry is at the Storybrooke stables.  In his quest to become a knight, he has to learn to take care of his steed.  He’s doing so, but is also trying to coax the horse into letting him ride.  Henry and his horse make an excellent pair.  I was hoping the horse would rescue Henry from monsterDaniel, but it was just Regina.  She had to use magic to take Daniel’s pain away, and Daniel along with it.  Uh-oh.  Will she relapse?  At least it gave Lana Parrilla some meaty scenes.


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