Supernatural S08, E05

Blood Brother

I give "Blood Brother" 3 starsPoor Sam.  He’s really getting the shaft this year.  He already has the wrath of half the fandom for abandoning his search for Dean; now apparently the other half finds his story with Amelia just plain boring.  This overwhelming support for Dean (and his bros Castiel and Benny) and anger at Sam is why I’ve been staying away from the fan sites.  It doesn’t help that Sam gives Dean grief at the beginning of “Blood Brother” for taking a “personal day” to help out Benny.

Sam, Amelia, and Dog

A highly unsympathetic Sam strikes up a conversation with a fairly boring Amelia.

This episode more than any other emphasizes the distance the brothers have grown apart.  Dean’s in fine fighting form, eager for the kill with an awesome new vamp killing machine that gores as well as beheads.  And he’s mighty damn good at using it.  All told, he kills 5 vampires in this episode.  Or is it 6?  (My favorite being the one where we see just the head rolling across the screen.)

Dean with his cooler o' blood

“It’s just me and my trusty cooler of AB pos.”

I’m not sure what to make of Benny.  He seems to be the wise vampire with a soul.  And quite an angsty soul at that.

While Dean is helping Benny and reminiscing about Castiel and Purgatory; Sam tries to locate Kevin, fix things, and reminisce about Amelia.  It doesn’t seem like a fair trade, in either sympathy or interest.

I still hold out the hope there’s more to Sam’s “year off” than just giving up.  Is there more to Amelia than meets the eye?  It’s not normal to live in a motel for 3 months after moving to town.  Whom did she lose?  And what’s with all the lime-augmented drinks?

Sam did come to Dean’s aid in the end.  But it wasn’t pretty.  Sam realizes Dean’s new buddy is a vampire and readies to kill him. Dean silently warns him off.   Benny, fully aware of Sam’s intention to kill him, leaves the brothers to sort things out.  Dean looks embarrassed.  Sam is piissssed.

It looks like things get really messy next week.


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