Grimm; S02, E10

The Hour of Death

Here’s a question:  During this episode, Monroe says “We’ve got trouble right here in River City.”  Anyone know where River City is?  And where the quote comes from? (Ok, that’s 2 questions.  But if you know the answer to one, you likely know the answer to the other.)

"The Hour of Death" gets 3 starsNow, about that ending:  Did you see that coming?  I sure as heck didn’t.

The episode begins with Nick sleeping fitfully on the couch, which he’s been doing since the beginning of the season. The situation is wearing on Nick, and for just one moment he loses his infinite patience.  Which causes Juliette to be snippy, too.  Nick’s frustration manifests itself later as he and Hank go after a kidnapping suspect and Nick beats the crap out of him.

Nick beats up a suspect on Grimm

Nick beats the heck out of a (Wesen) suspect on Grimm

Nick’s pent up frustration is key to this episode because someone is torturing and killing Wesen.  The symbol left at the crime scenes (branded into the skin of the victims and painted in blood on the wall) indicate the work of a vigilante Grimm (Endezeichen-Grimm, the terror of every Wesen child).  Both Hank and Renard realize Nick’s been under stress and are initially worried it might be him.  But of course it isn’t, and neither take too much time deliberating.

Endezeichen believe it’s theirs duty to rid the world of all Wesen, and this one doesn’t differentiate  between bad Wesen and harmless Wesen.  His first two victims had kidnapped a young woman (one confessing under torture via a 911 call), but the third victim is timid little Eisbeiber (beaver-esque) refrigerator repairman Bud.

It turns out the precinct’s klutzy new intern Ryan is responsible.  He knows Nick is a Grimm and hoped they could work together.  But Ryan’s not a Grimm.  His Wesen persona looks like a leech, and it’s uber-creepy.

Unfortunately,  Juliette’s amnesia of Nick and the Renard obsession storyline continue.  I’m getting as tired of Nick sleeping on the sofa as he is.  There could be interesting payoffs with her connection to Renard, but it’s been painfully slow developing and not terribly interesting.


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    • You are correct! Sorry I don’t have a prize to give away.
      I grew up listening to The Music Man soundtrack and probably know every song by heart. River City is a fictional town in Iowa, supposedly Mason City, the birthplace of Meredith Wilson, musical’s writer and composer.

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