Once Upon a Time; S02, E06


Oh look!  It’s Emma’s back story.  And she’s a juvenile delinquent!

Oh look!  It’s the mystery guy from the season opener!  I guess the general consensus that he was Rumple’s son Baelfire was, what’s the word?  Wrong!

Oh look!  It’s August!  I was wondering where he’s been.

Oh look!  Vancouver is filling in for… Vancouver!

And apparently even fairy tale characters like seeing a little girl-on-girl action., what with Hook telling the Four Musketeerettes they could fight it out to see who accompanied him up the beanstalk.

Sorry, "Tallahassee" gets only 2 starsBut even with all that, “Tallahassee” wasn’t one of OUaT‘s better episodes.

Neal and Emma in a stolen VW Beetle

Neal and Emma steal a car.

First of all, Emma Swan is the least interesting character on this show.  Why is that?  Is it because she has no magic?  Henry has no magic and he’s interesting.  Is it the skinny jeans?  Or is it the actress.  It’s not that Jennifer Morrison is necessarily a bad actress, but she’s missing that undefined something that makes a character, even a villain, sympathetic.  No wonder  Jennifer Morrison “won” Television Without Pity’s Tubey award for Least Favorite Actress, and Emma Swan was voted Least Favorite Character.

If you don’t have that special something yourself, it’s hard to have chemistry with someone else.  I’ve yet to feel her love for Snow.  Maybe Emma’s supposed to be that way, because she’s had such a tough life and isn’t familiar with being loved.

No matter how hard he tried, there was nothing between Emma and Hook.  Even  if Emma is supposed to be hardened, even cold, shouldn’t I be feeling at least a little spark?  I suppose there was more chemistry with Emma and Neal, but that’s not saying much.

And the CGI of the giant and his castle?  Terrible!  Even worse than the dragon James fought in season 1.

I’d love to know what you think?  It’s ok if you disagree.  (This is America, after all. 🙂 )


6 responses to “Once Upon a Time; S02, E06

  1. I agree with you. This episode was not that great at all. I’m not sure if its Jennifer’s acting or just the character the director created but there is no connection. Even with Snow you don’t really sense a connection. I feel like this show has been losing its direction lately. I hope it takes a turn for the better soon!

    • Glad to know I’m not alone. I didn’t notice Emma’s stiffness last year, but it’s been terribly evident this season. Maybe she’s supposed to be that way, but it makes things very awkward.

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