Supernatural; S08, E06

Southern Comfort

[Many years ago, when I was a young, slender Navy Lieutenant stationed in Newport, RI, I worked with a Lieutenant Commander Comfort and a Master Chief Southern.  Somewhere I have a picture of them in our softball team jerseys with their names on the back.  Yeah, it’s totally irrelevant, but every time I see “Southern Comfort,” I can’t help but think about them and chuckle.]

4 stars for "Southern Comfort"I came close to giving Southern Comfort 5 stars.  It had loads of terrific moments:  lots of humor, particularly in the first half, some tender moments, and more than a couple gruesome deaths.  (I’m not ashamed to admit I had to cover my eyes when Scott bashed Jeff’s brains in. Yes, even after 8 years, I’m sometimes squeamish.)  And of course, the patented Winchester brothers conflict, complete with loaded gun.


Garth (DJ Qualls): Ready with the hugs

Who would have thought goofball Garth would become the voice of reason?  And the new Bobby?  Unlike the Winchesters, he’s much more well-rounded and has managed to channel the stress of “the job,” with the help of his yogi.   (Dean would be wise to follow suit.)  Garth went to college.  Garth was a dentist!  He killed the tooth fairy!!  And it was traumatic!!  (Oh, how I would love to see that!)   Garth took up the slack for other hunters when Sam and Dean were off the grid.  And he reminded Dean that Bobby was beloved by more than just the Winchesters.

The season has been leading up to a serious showdown between Sam and Dean, particularly Dean.  Of course, it had to include a loaded gun.  Sandy reminded me this wasn’t the first a Winchester had pulled a gun on the other.  Sam had Dean at gunpoint in “Asylum,” way back in season 1 (although that gun wasn’t loaded).  It eventually led to Sam leaving Dean, if only for one episode.  This time was much more serious.  The brothers are older now and have been through much in the last seven years, including dying several times and stints in hell for both of them.

We got a bit more about Sam’s past year, although nothing groundbreaking.  Sam did say he’d been alone for several months, so his hook-up with Amelia wasn’t immediate.  Did he look for Dean during that time?  So far, it sounds as though he was so devastated, he could barely survive.

Sam confronts Dean

Sam tells Dean to put the past behind and move on. Or he will

Is Dean right to keep bringing up “You didn’t look for me because of a girl”?  Just how would Sam have gone about looking for him?  Bobby was gone.  Sam had no one to turn to for help.  How was he to know Dean was in purgatory?  For all he knew, Dean could have been shacked up with Cass somewhere, doing things only dreamed of in fan fiction.

So damn it, Dean, cut Sam some slack.  He did drop his life and come when you called.

In the end, both Garth and Sam told Dean to move on.  Will he?  Maybe, for at least a few episodes.  I expect things will come to a head again during the February sweeps or the mid-season break.


4 responses to “Supernatural; S08, E06

  1. I must confess this was one episode where the guest star had more interest for me than the stars. Seriously, Dean has been so irritating and such a self-righteous a** I was hoping for Sam to sock him in the nose.

    I was annoyed at some of the dialog – fortunately, Jensen Ackles can take some of the stupidest lines and make them work.

    What lingers in my mind and threatens to breed bunnies? Garth has Bobby’s hat. Maybe he’s getting more help than we think he is?

    • Ruth!! So glad to see you here! 😀 It’s interesting that all my old LJ friends understand Sam’s side of things when the Television Without Pity folks can’t stand him. (I chalk the TWoP Sam-hating to the plethera of Jensen fans there. Jensen, hence Dean, can do no wrong.)

      What lingers in my mind and threatens to breed bunnies
      Oh my goodness! That’s such a great line. And such a great thought!

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