Last Resort; S01, E06

A Fine Navy Day

"A Fine Navy Day;"  3 starsGah.. My head hurts.   What with the timeline jumping all over the place, and not knowing what was real and what was hallucination, it was mucho confusing.  Even when I tried to follow in chronological order, it was still confusing, since the first “3 hours after the chemical attack ” (bloody Sam running through the woods with a syringe) occurred after a later “3 hours after…”  (Sam meeting up with King and then beating the crap out of the Head Bad Guy).  And why was “chemical” written in red?

We knew Sam was hallucinating because of his Christine flashbacks.  I really thought the rest of what he saw was an hallucination, too.  Especially the two SEALs.

The chemical causing all these hallucinations was a military developed drug called BZ.  Interestingly, BZ, or “Bravo Zulu” is an old Navy saying for “Job well done.”  Coincidence?  I think not.  (Turns out it is just a coincidence.)

The opening scene (3 hours after the chemical attack) has a bloody Sam Kendal running through the woods with a syringe in his hand.  He finds nearly everyone on the island passed out near a stream.  [From here on, we’re going in chronological order, because to not do so would create a big clusterf**k.]

20 minutes before the chemical attack:  Hopper, the wounded SEAL, is awake and alert, but just as insolent as King.  Nigel, Tani, and most of the town residents are acting weird.  The COB identifies the drug as “BZ.”  He knows this because “Me and some buddies volunteered [to test BZ] when music didn’t suck. ”  (And once again, COB gets the best line of the week.)  Epinephrine counteracts the drug’s effects, so Chaplin decides to take the Colorado out with a skeleton crew (I guess to keep it secure) and use the medical supply’s epi-pens to thwart the drug.  Only someone stole the epi-pens.  So Chaplin decides to take the boat below the surface.  Which is really stupid.  A boat, underneath the water with everyone on board passed out?  Not Chaplin’s finest decision.

Two SEALs from Last Resort

RIP, either Vogler or Monk (on the left).

1 hour after the chemical attack: Sam finds two SEALs dead in the hospital.  Oh crap, they really are dead.   He also finds an unknown guy in there putting his broken arm in a sling.  Unknown guy  (hereafter the Head Bad Guy, or HBG) says he’s from the boat.  Only, not.  Sam and HBG go to the NATO site to set up a communications link.  They need Sophie, but she’s out.  HBG just happens to have some epi-pens, so he jabs one in her arm (unbeknowst to Sam).  Hallucination-Christine (whose especially whiny in this episode) tells Sam not to trust the guy.  So Sam beats him senseless, duct tapes him to a chair (use # 219 for duct tape), then beats him up some more.  When the chair tips over, his epinephrin stash spills out on the floor.  Aha! So that’s how Sam ended up bloody, running through the woods with a syringe in hand.  (See beginning of episode.)

On the boat, someone sets a fire near the oxygen tanks, so Chaplin shuts off the oxygen.  Since the crew is already passing out, Chaplin goes to check the fire but gets distracted by seeing his (dead) son, who’s around the age of four.

3 hours after the chemical attack:  Sam runs into King, who took something to counteract the drug.  King says “Hey, man.” Oi.  I don’t care if King is a SEAL, he’s still a petty officer, and should never address an officer as such.  Sam replies, “Hey, man.”  It’s kind of funny.

Sam and King sneak into the EWS (aka NATO facility) to find the Head Bad Guy out of the chair, interrogating Hopper and trying to wake up the still out Christine.  Turns out Hopper’s the one who broke HBG’s arm.  Oh yeah, asshole Serrat is there.  (At least his shirt is buttoned this time.)  The bad guys are looking for some mysterious “it,” which Hopper says he doesn’t have.  And they still need Sophie to set up the comm link.

4 hours after the attack:  Sophie is awake and working to get communications up.  When she goes to check the antenna, accompanied by  a bad guy crony, King slashes his throat.  (I guess those SEALs can be good to have around.)  Sophie, Sam and King go back to the main room where King kills the other bad guy cronies and someone (Sam?  Searrat?) wounds the Head Bad Guy.

On board the Colorado, Chaplin sits with his son by the air monitoring panel and tells him a story about a peacock and a crane, which probably has some deep meaning, but I don’t know what it is.  We also see the readings for oxygen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide levels, but the numbers mean nothing to me.  Chaplin passes out.

Some time a little later:  Chaplin wakes up with an epi syringe in his chest (and we hear footsteps running away).  The oxygen readings are apparently back to normal, although I still have no idea what the numbers on the panel mean.

Much later still:  Chaplin finds his nuclear missile firing key missing. Uh oh.  Is that the “it” the baddies were looking for?  I doubt it because they’d know that Chaplin  had it.  And Sam, as XO, would have the other, and they didn’t try to get it from him.

King and Hopper discuss what happened in Pakistan.   They killed the man they were sent to save.  King doesn’t know why.  Hopper says the order, which came through him, was changed from “extraction” to “execution.”  (Except that in an  earlier episode, Hopper, kind of loopy from pain and morphine, said they killed the wrong people.  So, hmm.)

It turns out the video cameras were on the whole time, so Sophie is watching a video of the events. But she’s only watching one portion.  When Sam was hallucinating kissing Christine, he was actually kissing Sophie.  She protested, but not too much.


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