Grimm; S02, E11

To Protect and Serve Man

3 stars

Hank in uniform

Look! Hank’s in a uniform. Without his earrings.

This title is reminiscent of  an old classic, Rod Serling-era Twilight Zone episode, “To Serve Man.”  So the subject matter wasn’t a surprise.

The episode starts with Hank in uniform  (and not partnered with Nick).  He arrests a young man for attacking two brothers, killing one and seriously injuring the other.  The perp babbles on about giant teeth and claws and monsters.  So he’s crazy, yes?

Fast-forward to today, when Hank knows about Wesen:  now he’s not so sure the guy was crazy.  The man, Craig Ferren, received the death penalty, which is scheduled for something like “tomorrow.”

Hank enlists Nick’s help to track down the surviving brother, a John Kreski, to determine if he really is a Wesen.  Hank and Nick have trouble locating his current residence (probably time-filler to get the episode to one hour, since it doesn’t seem to serve any other purpose), but eventually they locate his place of work and home.  Although a seemingly stand-up kind of guy, Kreski is actually a Wendigo, a cannibalistic creature with huge teeth and claws (just as Craig claimed).

Hank and Nick visit a prisoner

Don’t mess with Portland’s finest!

Kreski has an outstanding warrant for skipping jury duty (shame on him, because jury duty is actually pretty interesting), so Hank and Nick use that as an excuse to break into his house.  Underneath the house they find a mass grave of half-rotten corpses, complete with maggots, which apparently confirms Kreski kills people for food.  (At one point, Nick gets knocked into the grave and freaks out, which is pretty cool in a really gross sort of way).  After one of those fight-escape-chase-hunt-catch-and-fight-some-more scenes that I tend to fast-forward through, Hank shoots Kreski (dead).

But the detectives have enough evidence to get a stay of execution and eventually a retrial for Craig.

Elsewhere, Juliette and Renard continue fighting their attraction to each other.  Renard makes arrangements with Monroe at the spice shop to bring Juliette in so that Monroe can create a concoction to counteract their obsession.  When Renard and Juliette show up at the shop, Monroe is momentarily indisposed, so the couple use the time to give in to their passion and make out.  Of course, Monroe walks in on them.  Uh-oh.

Next week is touted as the “fall finale.”  Hopefully some of this Renard/Juliette shit will be resolved.  But probably not, since scifi writers seem to love cliffhangers.  (Which I emphatically do not!)


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