More 666 Park Avenue

And we’re back to look at the two most recent episodes.


Yes, I gave a "666 Park Avenue" episode 4 stars!

NYC's finest question Jane

Two detectives question Jane about Halloween. (Cute cop partially blocked)


Aftermath of Jane’s Halloween escapade:  She tells two NYC detectives about her harrowing escape, except that all the evidence has disappeared.  There is no hole in the wall where the birds escaped, no axed body in the hallway, no signs that the dumb waiter was disturbed. One of the detectives (the young, handsome one) thinks Jane may be telling the truth since he’s had experience with the unexplainable; but Henry’s less sure.

Is there a romantic connection between Jane and the cute cop?  I hope so.

Henry’s been spending time with a publicity agent, who’s trying to capitalize on his 15 minutes of heroic fame.  Is there a romantic connection between them?  I care not one iota.

Aftermath of the stolen red box:  Gavin discusses the theft of the red box with Sam Steinberg, who’s something like a property manager or such.  Gavin wants the culprit found, and doorman-cum-goon Tony finds him.  But he’s just the guy who tried to run down Olivia with an SUV.  He says he was hired only to scare her;  he didn’t steel the box.

The man who apparently was hired to steal box (and thus is Gas Mask Man?) still has it and has upped his asking price.  However, before he can reap his $3 million reward, the box incapacitates him, and the buyer finishes him off by torching his place.  What a way to save $3 mil!

It doesn’t take Gavin long to realize Sam is the inside man who hired the driver and the thief.  In one of his creepiest tricks yet, Gavin traps Sam in an endless hallway.  By the time Sam is ready to hang himself, Gavin saves him.  Sam offers to help get the red box back, and sets up a dinner meeting between Gavin and the buyer, one Victor Shaw.

When Gavin meets Shaw for dinner, he’s carrying his own box, gift wrapped in blue and containing $10 million.  Only I’m pretty sure that’s not what’s in the box.  Victor says he’ll give Gavin the red box if Gavin gives Victor back what he stole.   When that doesn’t work, Shaw says he wants the Drake or he’ll open the red box.  Shaw seems to know what’s in the box, and also that Gavin saved Olivia from an “obsessive lover” and imprisoned the guy because he couldn’t destroy him.

In the end, Gavin doesn’t get the red box and Shaw doesn’t get the $10 mil.  What Shaw does get (in the blue box) is Sam’s head.  I called it!

Wow, this episode raised a lot of questions.  What did Gavin steal from Victor?  Was it Olivia?   Is Victor the “obsessive lover?”  Or is it the obsessive lover imprisoned in the box?  Personally, I think the red box is Pandora’s box.  Then again, Olivia’s quite terrified of the box’s contents, so maybe it is the obsessive lover.

And will we see the cute cop again?   With all these questions, I was actually looking forward to the next  episode.

Downward Spiral

And we're back to 3 starsWhat a disappointment.  This episode had so much potential after “Diabolic,” but it fell flat in so many ways.  None of the many questions raised in last week’s episode were answered.  And the titular “downward spiral” did not refer to Jane’s descent into madness (which would have been awesome), but rather was literally interpreted as a one-way downward spiral staircase.  *rolls eyes*

Henry honored by the mayor

Henry receives the Bronze-Keys-to-the-City-Star-Medal from Hizzonor.

Jane wants to move back to Indiana, Henry wants to stay in New York.  After all, he just received an award from the mayor for his bravery in saving the (corrupt and now in prison) city planning commissioner.  The Dorans continue to manipulate Jane and Henry.  First Olivia tells Jane of a brownstone in need of her architecture experience.  Then Gavin tells Henry to keep Jane in NYC by proposing to her (because a marriage proposal always makes a rocky relationship better), and Olivia takes Henry shopping for engagement rings.  At least Henry picked out the prettiest ring.  (I.e., prettiest = the one I’d want.)

We discover Nona was apparently born in the Drake’s elevator, and that her grandmother can’t leave the Drake, even when she could walk and talk.  Nona also tries to convince Jane to stay by invading her dreams and introducing her to her inanimate grandmother.  Wow, I’m actually beginning to really like Nona!

Victor Shaw is back to woo Olivia away from Gavin.  Olivia invites Victor to a symphony benefit, where she kisses him with magic lip gloss that sends him into convulsions—and not the good kind.  Totally unexpected and very cool.

Kandinsky is also back, sprung from jail to torture Victor.

Also back:  Scott the surgeon, who helped Kandinsky escape by sewing a scalpel in his belly;  Brian the boring writer, separated from wife Louise; and Alexis the temptress, who now lives in the Drake and will probably make Brian’s life hell by her manipulations—and my life hell by having to sit through this incredibly stupid story line.

Leo Cooper, NYPD detective

Detective Leo Cooper, not back for this episode.

Who wasn’t back?  Leo Cooper, the cute cop.  Damn it!  That’s the one of the reasons I was excited for this episode.  Pfft.

Anyway, back to Jane, Nona and Grams.  Grams becomes mobile and wanders off to the basement.  Jane and Nona find her there, where Jane learns her necklace is a key to the dragon mosaic in the floor.  When she places the pendant in the dragon’s eye, the tiles retract to reveal a “downward spiral” staircase.  Oi.  Of course, Curious Jane must see where the staircase leads.  As soon as she’s clear of the floor, the tiles reemerge and close her off.  Oh, like you didn’t see that coming.

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