Once Upon a Time: S02, E07

Child of the Moon

4 stars for "Child of the Moon"

Granny with her crossbow

Granny’s packing a crossbow, and she’s not afraid to use it.

Girl Power, baby!

Red and Snow together!  Annabeth Gish!  Crossbow-wielding Granny!  What’s not to love?

Have I ever mentioned my girl-crush on Meghan Ory?  No?  Well, now I have.  Many years ago, she played Alec’s first love on Dark Angel.  Of course, she was doomed, but not before she got to play in a swimming pool with ultra-handsome Jensen Ackles.  I loved her almost as much as Alec did.

Last season, we learned Ruby’s fairy tale alter ego was Little Red Riding Hood.  But in the same way as Snow White was modified to be a kick-ass bad ass, Red turned out not to be hunted by the wolf, but to actually be the wolf.  Her enchanted red cape kept her from turning during the full moon.  But when she abandoned it, she killed her friend Peter.

Red's mother and Quinn

The fabulous Annabeth Gish as Red’s mother and handsome Quinn

Now Red and Snow are on the run from the Queen’s soldiers.  When the full moon approaches, Red leaves Snow for fear she’ll turn.  They agree to meet up the next morning, but before Snow shows up, a fellow named Quinn convinces Red she can learn to control her wolf actions.   He takes her to a den where she meets her previously-thought-dead mother, played Annabeth Gish, whom I adored in Shag and Mystic Pizza.  Mom want Ruby to embrace her inner wolf, which she does.

But Mom hates humans, which doesn’t bode well when Snow, followed by the Queen’s men, tracks Red to the den.  In the ensuing scuffle, the soldiers kill Quinn.  Mom’s  pissed because humans are scum, and wants Red to kill Snow in exchange for Quinn’s life.  When Red refuses, Mom says she’ll do it herself.  But before she can, wolf-Red attacks her mother, impaling her.  Now Mom’s really pissed, saying Red chose human over wolf.  Red says that Snow is her family now, because Snow accepts both her human and her wolf self.

Red Riding Hood and Snow White

Where’s the Red/Snow fan fiction already?

How much Red/Snow fan fiction has been written?  Because honestly?  Besides being totally beautiful, Ginnifer Goodwin and Meghan Ory are wonderful together.

In Storybrooke, now that the curse is broken, a full moon is coming, and Ruby’s cape is missing,  Ruby’s once again scared she’ll turn and kill, so Granny locks her  in the freezer.  But the wolf escapes.  [Maybe if they’d kept the frozen lasagnas in the freezer, Ruby could have eaten them instead of breaking out to hunt for something else.]  In the morning, Charming David and Granny find Ruby;  in turn, the three of them find Cinderella’s mouse Gus/kindly mechanic Billy ripped in two.  Ruby is sure she’s killed him.

Turns out the whole thing was a set up, and wasn’t even about Ruby.  It was about King George Spencer trying to usurp Charming David’s authority as town sheriff.  What a waste of a life!  Since Spencer can’t get the town to turn against David, he destroys the Mad Hatter’s hat, which was the only hope of getting Snow and Emma back from Fairy Tale Land.

But wait!  There’s still hope!  Henry and Sleeping Beauty Aurora continue having their fire dreams.  But Mr. Gold, suppressing his inner greed, gives Henry a magic potion that will help him control his fear.  In the next dream, Henry is able to quell the fire.  He tells Aurora his name, who in turn tells Emma and Snow.  So maybe they’ll be back in Storybrooke by Christmas.


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