Supernatural: A Little Slice of Kevin

Winchesters doing research

Winchesters doing what Sammy does best—research.

“Slice” being the operative word here.

[Note:  This is  commentary of the episode, as opposed to a review or recap.  If you’re looking for a review, I can’t do better than Jen at Fresh From The…  She has a great dry sense of the humor and delightfully sarcastic way of writing. Plus, she caught on to this season’s title card long before I did.  Ok, I might never have caught the connection to the tablet without her pointing it out.  Suffice it to say that this year’s title card is the best since season 2, which, in my opinion, was Supernatural‘s best ever.]

A 5 star episode with 1 star removed for excessive goreIt’s hard for me to rate this episode.  It was probably one of the better episodes of the season, certainly one of the more important ones.  But I found the violence particularly gruesome.  Yes, Crowley is evil.  We get it.  Do we need to see innocent people being blown up?  Or five-year-olds at his mercy?  Isn’t torturing angels enough?  Or hearts exploding while still in the body?  Not to mention Kevin’s little pinky.  All this gore detracted from the rest of the show.

Nonetheless, it had it’s moments.

Sam and Trans

Sam and Trans—it almost rhymes!

Mrs. Tran is back and in fighting form, having recovered from her post-Crowley catatonic state.   She’s trying to build an arsenal of demon bombs, even if her methods were less than optimal.

Castiel is topside!  While I’m not particularly a Castiel fan (which I’ve probably mentioned several times), he was interesting, and pretty awesome.  He’s much more like the Castiel we met in season 4—unemotional, literal, amusing in his humorless way.  And he cleaned up really nice.

We got some classic Dean, who blames himself for every bad thing that ever happened to anyone he cares about.  He felt so guilty about leaving Cass in Purgatory, he actually revised his memory of the escape to be his fault.  Oh, Dean.  You poor, tortured soul.  Castiel actually  believed he deserved to stay in Purgatory, to atone for the war he started in Heaven, as well as his nefarious deeds on earth.

Castiel and Dean

Look who’s back! Dean’s boyfriend Castiel!

So how did Castiel escape?  He was pulled out by an “incursion of angels.”  Now we have the excellent Amanda Tapping as Naomi, maybe an archangel,  or maybe God (or maybe something else entirely).  Apparently, she has a plan for the Winchesters.  So much for Team Free Will.

Best line of the night belonged to the witch Mrs. Tran hired to procure the demon-bomb-making materials.  (I did say her methods were less than optimal.)
Mrs. Tran:  Your mother must be so proud.
Witch:  She is.  ‘Course, with my sister (the hooker), the bar ain’t real high.

Idle thoughts:

  • The prophet-postman looked mighty familiar, then I realized he was the Christmas shop owner from “A Very Supernatural Christmas.”  You know, the guy who sold the (freely given) meadowsweet wreaths for a lot of money because “It’s Christmas.  People pay a butt load for this crap.”
  • Atlantic, Iowa is about 50 miles from where I grew up.

Oh.  And Chuck is dead?  😦

[All photo credits: Liane Hentscher/The CW — © 2012 The CW Network.  All Rights Reserved]


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