Last Resort: Nuke It Out

Gosh, I’m enjoying this show way more than I should.  I just wish the ratings were better.  It’s gotten numerous kudos from critics, but the ratings numbers just aren’t there.  Hopefully ABC can move its time slot.  Maybe to the 10 p.m. Tuesday slot when Private Practice ends mid-season.  Hear that, ABC?

Girls on the beach

Girls just wanna’ have fun. On the beach With beer and booze.

4 stars with 1 star added for awesome sex Ok, maybe “Nuke It Out” was more of a 4-star episode, but it gets an extra star for the best sex scene I’ve seen in a loooonnng time.  The ensuing “thank yous on the beach” may go down in the annals of…. something.  😀

Lots of happenings (other than hot sex) and more than  a few surprises.

Oh!  The manure story the XO told the troops reminded me an old joke.  (Not sure if it’s just Navy or military in general.)  How are officers like mushrooms?  You keep them in the dark and feed them shit.

Marcus Chaplin seems to be getting paranoid and a little crazy, but then, there aren’t many things in this world more valuable than a nuclear launch key.

Booth, the (apparently CIA) agent captured after last weeks “high for all,” isn’t helping.  He plants seeds of doubt (of Chaplin’s sanity) in XO Sam Kendal’s ear.  He says they’ll (CIA?) take Chaplin out of the equation, but they need Sam to stay and be the symbol of  resistance.   Resistance against what?

Geez, what the hell’s going on back in the U.S?  It’s been hinted several times that the U.S. is basically FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition).   The President want to be an emperor (Booth’s words).   What’d we do, elect a nincompoop? Sounds like we’re watching too much Fox News.

Sam searches Sophie’s office, since no one is off limits.  He find video of  of his actions during the BZ attack on her computer.  Uh oh.  He discovers he not only beat Booth senseless, he also kissed Sophie.  But, he emphasizes, he wasn’t himself.

SEALs and XO

Those pesky SEALs confront the XO

Those pesky SEALs King and Hopper discover Booth is alive.  King uses his new-found knowledge to antagonize Grace into believing the CO and XO are acting without her.  Well, geez, Grace, they are the CO and XO.  And you’re not.  But apparently Grace’s ego doesn’t see it that way.

Back home, Christine and Kylie team up.  Someone from Shepard’s office gives Kylie an autopsy photo of Amanda Straugh, the presidential adviser shot a couple weeks ago.  The public story is she died in a plane crash, but the photo clearly shows something else.  So Christine grants an interview, in which she reveals the picture, proving all is not as the government says.

Paul Wells, Sam’s college friend cum lawyer cum government agent is incensed. Christine plays up to him so that Kylie can plant a phone tap in his car.  Turns out SECDEF Curry is manipulating Paul, too; holding his son to ensure Paul cooperates.  So Paul isn’t as much of a bad guy as we were led to believe.  Interesting.

Serrat is causing all sorts of problems for Chaplin and crew.  Pissed that he aided the black ops guys in drugging everyone, Chaplin threatens him with cruise missiles.  So Serrat kidnaps a female sailor, straps a bomb to her, and drops her off in the middle of a Navy party.  Fortunately King is there and knows a bit about explosives (although he’s a SEAL and not an EOD).  Grace, being the kick-ass kind of gal she is tries to calm the sailor and helps King defuse the bomb.

Chaplin and crew confront Serrat again, looking for the bomber.  Serrat says he caught the culprit and is dealing with him.  But Chaplin takes control and lets Petty Officer Brannan (who gave up Redmond awhile back) shoot the guy.  I’m pretty sure the guy was acting on Serrat’s orders, but he’s the sacrificial lamb.  Chaplin then proceeds to beat the shit out of Serrat.   He says next time Serrat crosses him, he’ll be judge, jury, and executioner.

Serrat kidnaps the COB

Serrat kidnaps Navy person number…6? The COB!

It doesn’t take Serrat long to strike again.  (Jesus, how stupid is this man?)  This time, he’s got the COB, who’s interfering with Serrat’s drug trade.  Serrat discovers COB was once addicted to the pain killer fentanyl, so his men burn COB’s feet (with a blow torch!).  While this is going on, Serrat tells COB about his horrific childhood.  Since I’ve had my share of violence for the week, I fast-forwarded through the scene.  Besides, I do not give one shit about Serrat’s childhood.

One can only hope when Chaplin finds out, he makes good on his promise to off Serrat.  But we probably won’t be so lucky.  It looks like Serrat is still alive in the next episode.

Aftermath of the bomb defusing:  King spends a little contemplative time on the beach.  Grace joins him.  They admire each others bomb-defusing work, followed by an awkward silence and moon-eyed stares.  Until Grace kisses him.  He undoes Grace’s pony tail and they roll around on the beach without their clothes.  Afterwards, Grace tells him its just a “One time thing.”  He says “Sure.”  She says, “Thanks.”  He says “Thank you.”  So basically, Grace is the guy, and King is conflicted, since he has this “good” thing going on with Tani, the world’s most boring bartender.

I was most anxious for these two to hook-up.  It happened much sooner than I’d expected.  And likely won’t happen again for awhile.  But I’m not complaining!

So, who stole Chaplin’s key?  Cortez!  Damn it!  She’s hidden the key in the woods.  Was she acting on CIA orders (as Booth intimated)?  Personally, I’d like to think she acted on her own, her motivation being to ensure things don’t get further out of hand.  But that’s probably not the case.

[All photos courtesy ABC]


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