My schedule just got a lot lighter

I am so bummed.  Last Resort has been canceled.  😦  So has 666 Park Avenue, but that’s not nearly as devastating.  Both shows will end after 13 episodes.  Two additional scripts had been ordered for each, but those will not be filmed or aired.

Last Resort received enormous critical acclaim.  Why didn’t ABC try it in a different time slot?  The rumor is ABC brass were pissed that show runner Shawn Ryan is working on another project (with Eddie Murphy, no less) for CBS.

It took me awhile to warm up to Last Resort, but when I did (with “Skeleton Crew“) I jumped in with both feet.

Last Resort actors are tweeting that the next six episodes will be awesome, and the ending will be kick-ass.

I just hope Andre Braugher and Scott Speedman find other worthy projects soon; and that Aussies Daisy Betts and Daniel Lissing get more U.S. work.


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