Dragons: Riders of Berk

If I’ve learned anything from the “cancellation” of Last Resort, it’s to stop procrastinating.  (I’d planned posts addressing Navy rates, ranks, terminology and relationships [I’m a Navy officer vet],  but kept putting it off.  Now I’m not sure it’d be worth it.)

Dragons of Berk

The Dragons of Berk: Toothless, Belch & Barf, Stormfly, Meatlug, and Hookfang

And so it goes for DreamWorks Dragons: Riders of Berk.  I had lots of thoughts and comments, but I haven’t written very much about the series—even though it’s the main reason I rebooted this blog.  (Guess I got sidetracked by actual science fiction/horror shows.)

Mulch and Bucket

Mulch and Bucket (and Hiccup) take cover from Berk’s 3:00 dump-fest

After a one month hiatus, Riders of Berk returned to the Cartoon Network last week to air part 1 of “the Heather Report.”  Part two concluded this week.  I always enjoy watching this adorable series, and even though these two episodes had a slight nod to the books, with Alvin trying to get his hands on the Book of Dragons, they suffered from the month-long delay.  Perhaps the delay was purposeful, since the tone of “The Heather Report” felt a bit different from the previous episodes.  The adults of Berk were conspicuously absent (one can hardly call the remarkably dimwitted Bucket an adult, can one?), and there weren’t many special Toothless moments.

Hiccup and Stock

Hiccup and Stock

There are two main things I love about this show:  the adorableness of Toothless, and the surprisingly nuanced relationship between Hiccup and Stoic.  Stoic has softened somewhat in the series.  We now know he’s truly proud of Hiccup (and even somewhat affectionate towards Toothless), but finds the balance between being a father and being a chief sometimes not an easy one.

Now, Dragons: Riders of Berk is apparently going on a longer, indefinite hiatus, with only 11 episodes having aired. Perhaps more time is needed to produce the episodes, since the quality of the animation is quite good.  I shall miss it, but at least I have my iTunes downloads to keep me company.  Along with, of course, How to Train Your Dragon, now playing on FX.

Toothless and Hiccup

Just as Hiccup has to say goodbye to Toothless, so must we say goodbye to them until such time as they return to our televisions.

You can now buy the first four Riders of Berk episodes on DVD (but not Blu-ray).   Granted, it’s only four episodes, but they’re  among the very best, including the heart-warming “Animal House” and my personal favorite, “The Terrible Twos.”


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